The site has been created and edited by the students listed below. There were actually two groups that worked on the project: one of them in the winter term 2015/2016 and the other in the summer term 2016.

The students created the site themselves, with Dr. Kiraly functioning as a client and assistant. The idea was to have the two groups some of the basics of website design by working on a real project that would foster their curiosity, ingenuity and creativity.

Babkina, Maria
Beier, Bianca
Bergmann, Marvin
Braun, Annette
de la Fuente Silva, Carmen
Destreel Joeri
Emrich, Saskia
Eufinger, Johanna
Feigl, Korbinian
Fenderl, Daniela
Gamsiz, Hatice
Gries, Brigitte
Hildebrand, Simona
Hippel, Ruth
Kenner, Kim Caroline
Kleinstück, Lydia
Masoud, Laith
Messemer, Eva-Maria
Nikic, Marina
Paulsen, Onja
Römer, Sara-Maria
Russo, Natalie
Schmid, Selina
Stederoth, Kevin
Velasco Esteban, Antonio