Realised and Potential Outcomes



The presentation linked above outlines the results gathered from previously conducted translation process research as well as potential outcomes of current research projects. It compares selected researchers, the execution of their work and the results of their projects as well as the influence of those results on the development of translators' education.

The assumptions made, the process of testing and the results of the research, which are presented and compared in this section, are the foundation of the development of translators' education. Especially here at the FTSK, this research is the basis on which new aspects of translators' education are developed and the theories established by those experienced researchers are included in present-day projects.

Finally, the effectiveness of the curriculum at the FTSK is examined and assessed, and possible improvement strategies are proposed.

Group members: Jennifer Anstädt, Hilde Fazakas, Solveig Fischer, Katrin Haßberg, Marina Nikic