Dr. Susanne Hagemann

Areas of academic interest

  • Translation Science
  • Literary Science (regional and national identities in Scottish and Irish literature)
  • Gender Studies

Project work done with students at the FTSK

SS 2016Translation of abstracts from the Sixth International Symposium on "Translation Teaching and the Bologna Process: Pathway between Unity and Diversity" (from English into German and from German into English).
WS 2015/16Participation in the linked project "Translationslehre" (eng. Translation Teaching) (accompanying course to the Sixth International Symposium on "Translation Teaching and the Bologna Process: Pathways between Unity and Diversity"): Project course in translation didacticw in the context of the Bologna Process.
SS 2015Participation in the linked project "Germersheim", during which parts of the Germersheim website were translated into different languages (multilingual research and documentation).
SS 2015Translation of texts for Better Finance.
WS 2014/15Participation in the linked project "Translate for Justice" (Translation of texts for the platform http://translateforjustice.com/ from English into multiple A languages).
WS 2014/15Research project "Wenn Blinde Übersetzen studieren" (eng. When the blind study translation) (Writing of a scientific essay).
SS 2014 &
WS 2014/15
Continuation of the SS 2012 project Global Voices for the language pair English/German.
SS 2013Participation in the interdisciplinary "Märchenprojekt" (eng. Fairy Tale Project) (Translation of fairy tales from around the world for a children's book; concept: Kia Herbers and Pamela-Nina Kühn).
WS 2012/13 &
SS 2013
Continuation of the WS 2009/10 project Kachile for the language pair English/German.
SS 2012Participation in the interdisciplinary project "Global Voices" (Translation of texts for the international blog website globalvoicesonline.org; concept: Natalja Verigina).
WS 2011/12Participation in the interdisciplinary project "Kulturspezifika beim Fachübersetzen" (eng. Characteristics of culture in specialized translation) (creation of annotated translations as material for self-study, can be found in the FTSK intranet in the folder utexte/Kulturspezifika; concept: Alejandra Sánchez).
SS 2011Participation in the interdisciplinary project "Vernetzte Translationslehre" (eng. Integrated Translation Teaching): Translation of texts on global learning and development in education policy for the World University Service.
WS 2010/11Participation in the interdisciplinary project "Vernetzte Translationslehre" (eng. Integrated Translation Teaching): Partial projects "Übersetzungsränder" (eng. At the Edge of Translation, published by SAXA Berlin) and "Projektübergreifende Veranstaltungen" (eng. Interproject Events).
WS 2010/11Translation of a website on risk management.
WS 2010/11Preparation of a book publication: Hans G. Hönig, Übersetzen lernt man nicht durch Übersetzen: Translationswissenschaftliche Aufsätze 1976-2004.
SS 2010Internal multilingual project "Deutschland und Deutsches" (eng. Germany and German).
WS 2009/10 &
SS 2010
Participation in the trilingual translation project for Kachile (German, English, French).
SS 2008 -
SS 2009
Translation of multiple texts on descriptive translation studies, published as Deskriptive Übersetzungsforschung: Eine Auswahl, Berlin: SAXA, 2009):
– James S. Holmes, "The Name and Nature of Translation Studies";
– Itamar Even-Zohar, "Polysystem Theory";
– André Lefevere, "Why Waste Our Time on Rewrites?";
– Gideon Toury, "The Nature and Role of Norms in Translation";
– Theo Hermans, "Criticisms"/"Perspectives" (chapters of the book Translation in Systems).
SS 2008Translation of a talk by Paul Hillery, "Die Vereinten Nationen und ihre Sprachkultur" (eng. The United Nations and Its Culture of Languages) for the FTSK website.
WS 2007/08Translation of a report by the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission for WMDC, commissioned by INESAP.
SS 2007Translation project on the norm EN 15038: translation of "The EN-15038 European Quality Standard for Translation Services: What's Behind It?" by Juan José Arevalillo Doval and application of the norm during the project itself.
WS 2006/07Translation of a conference website for SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research).
SS 2006Translation of a report for amnesty international, Afghanistan - "No-one listens to us and no-one treats us as human beings": Justice denied to women (about 20,000 words).
WS 1996/97Creation of a scientific article in the context of a seminar on Ellis Peters, "Murderous Intersections: Genre, Time, Place and Gender in Eliis Peters's Cadfael Mysteries". Published in Cuadernos de Literatura Inglesa y Norteamericana.