Translation of a Portuguese Novel into German

In the academic year 2011/2012, a group of students translated Ana Nobre de Gusmão's novel "A Prisioneira de Emily Dickinson" from Portuguese into German. The whole project was part of the project-module "Projektarbeit: Übersetzen des Romans "A prisioneira de Emily Dickinson" offered by Dr. Cornelia Sieber. Part of the module was an introduction to Emily Dickinson's works (stories, letters etc.) and to Ana Nobre de Gusmão's style of writing. To pass the module, students had to translate part of the novel. Not only the students in this module participated in the project, but also the students of that year's translation courses, instructed by Dr. Ângela Nunes/Anne Burgert in the winter semester of 2011/12 and given by Dr. Marcel Vejmelka/Wiebke Augustin.

The novel was published as "Die Gefangene von Emily Dickinson" by Weidle in 2013 and every student is credited as a translator.