Translation of Greek Fairy Tales into German

During the 2012/13 academic year, the students of the Greek translation courses participated in a project on translating Greek fairy tales into German. They collaborated with the Modern Greek Language Department. Two of the translated fairy tales were published in the multilingual storybook "Von Aschenputtel bis Wassermelonenfeld":

Those fairy tales are "Das Mäuschen, das nach den Sternen greift" (by Eugene Trivizas) and "Der hässliche Prinz" (by Galateia Kazantzaki).

Some additional translated fairy tales were published separately:

German Surtitles of a Greek Play

In the winter semester of 2012/13, the students of the Modern Greek Language Department created German surtitles for the play "Geschmolzene Butter". It was performed on the 27th of April 2013 at the "Heidelberger Stückemarkt" in the original language, Greek, with the German surtitles created by the students.

The play is based on a real murder of passion committed in Thessaloniki in the 1950s. Lola is a young woman from a provincial town in Northern Greece and marries Tassos, a public officer. When Tassos is accused of embezzlement, she leaves him to become a singer in Thessaloniki. Tassos chases after her, but he is not able to win her back.