If you are a student in the Division of English Linguistics and Translation Studies and would like to write a thesis about teaching, subtitling, language acquisition or a similar topic, please feel free to contact Dr. Don Kiraly. The following table lists all theses that have already been written. Many of these theses are available in the FTSK library and all of them are in Don Kiraly's library in room 136. These copies can be lent to FTSK students.

StudentThesis TopicYear
Abraldes Santa Maria, E.Aktionsforschung im Fremdsprachenunterricht - Ein partizipatives Projekt zur Förderung der Eigeninitiative im Fach Spanisch2013/2014
Abraha, Y.Internetgestützter Spracherwerb für Teletandem: Die Untersuchung des Natural Approach und der Rolle der L2 auf den Erwerb einer weiteren Fremdsprache2008/2009
Aquilar, R.Ausbildung der Translatoren im postmodernen Kontext: Eine epistemologische Untersuchung 2013
Barbian, T.Brain Research and Simultaneous Interpretation - Pulp or Fiction?1997
Barth, C. Does Age Really Matter? The Influence of Age on Second Language Acquisition2013/2014
Becker, H. Brainmen Daniel Tammet - Genius or Master of Memory?2009
Bisping, J. Towards Better Remuneration in Freelance Translating 2009
Chapman, C.Translation Project Management and Teamwork in the Classroom2011
Dudenhöfer, M.Entwicklung einer Medientechnischen Kompetenz in der Übersetzerausbildung2008/2009
Gelies, C.A Critical Analysis of the Effects of Collaborative Learning on the Attitudes of Foreign Language Learners1997/1998
Gottschalk, K.Strategien zur Gedächtnissicherung in Lingua Franca-Gesprächen am Beispiel der Führerscheinausbildung in Deutschland2008
Gockel, S.Licensing and Marketing Communications1999
Grunert, I.Language, music and the brain: possible connections and ideas for further studies2011/12
Graceffo, U. Constructivist Approaches to Translation Teaching: A Case Study of a 7th Semester Class in General Translation1996
Heinrichson, S.Second Language Acquisition - A Naturalistic Approach2015
Hintelmann, K.Alternative Teaching Methods for ESL: And Action Research Project2009
Hoffmann, R.Distance Learning Strategies in Campus-Based Translator Education - Testing the Waters or Going the Distance? How Translator Education Can Benefit from Distance Learning Strategies2001
Kab, S.Improving Aphasia Language Therapy on the Basis of Second Language Acquisition2013
Klassen, O.Investigating Authenticity and Professionalism in an E-Learning Course - A Case Study of an MA-Translation Project2015
Kreusch, V.Applied Action Research Inquiring into Informal Adult Learning Setting2014/2015
Lensmann, A.Men's English in Springfield and Christchurch, New Zealand - A Multiple Case Study2010
Maj, M. Die Vor- und Nachteile von Untertitelung und Synchronisation am Beispiel von "Frances Ha"2015
Märklstetter, S.The Foreign Skills Component in Translator Education1994
Macedo Lopes, L.Managing Terminology for Teaching English for Special Purposes (A Glossary English-German)2015
Moiteiro, N. Action Research on Teletandem: An Analysis of Virtual Intercultural Communication between Students from Brazil and Germany2009
Möller, S.Individualistic Cultures in Hawaii's Society and Corporate Culture - The Knowledge of Cultural Background and the Role of Language as Key Element to Success2010
Neuhoff, K.Learning a Foreign Language - An Unachievable Task for Children with ADHD?2008
Pablovic, I.Dealing with the Incommensurable - Reflections on Krashen's "i+1" and Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development2012
Pearson, R.Trying to Separate the Inseparable: The Ir/relevance of the Nature-Nurture Debate and the Importance of Interaction in Second Language Acquisition2013/2014
Ramos, I.An Adventure in Brazilian Portuguese: Foreign Language Teaching from an Insider's Point of View2010
Rizza, A.The Naturalistic Approach: From Theory to Praxis 2010
Röhl, S.The Merger of the Deutsche Bank AG and the Bankers Trust Cooperation: Goals, Perspectives and Risks1999
Röhricht, B.Collaborative Learning in Translation Education: A Case Study of a 7th Semester Practice Class and an Übersetzungspropädeutikum1998/1999
Schmitt, J.Do the Eyes Have It? Eine Fallstudie zur kollaborativen Entwicklung von translatorischer Kompetenz vor dem Eye-Tracker2012
Scholz, A.Action Research in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the University Kaifeng, China2008
Senftleben, L. An Intercultural Adventure: Becoming Integrated in Germany by Means of an Orientation Course2012
Signer, S.An Autodidactic Approach to Translator Competence2013/2014
Spiegel, A.Functionalism and Interpretative Theory: A Comparative Analysis Twilight2010
Sponholz, C. Teaching Audiovisual Translation2002/*2003
Stallrecht, K.Übersetzungswissenschaftliche Analyse und Kritik der Übersetzung von Jonathan Franzens 'The Corrections'*2008/2009
Scheel, S.The Importance of Reading1999
Stix, S.Sprachliche und nichtsprachliche Aspekte der Synchronisation2004
Stolle, D.Dolmetschen als Übersetzerin: Sprachmittlung beim technischen Hilfswerk2013
Stolle, D.Die Entwicklung translatorischer Kompetenz durch Projektarbeit2015
Trzecziak, M.Die englischen Übersetzungen deutscher Fremdenverkehrpublikationen1996
Turner, J. Learner Behaviour in a Learner-Centered Classroom2010
Walter, M.An Experiment in Autonomous Language Learning2011
Wedekind, P. Scaffolded Emergence in Translator Education2013/2014
Wilferth, S.English for Specific Purposes: Sprachunterricht für Einsatzkräfte im Ausland mit einer Datenbank als Unterrichtsbasis2014/2015
Wortelen, A.(In)Compatibility of Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development and Bakhtin's Theory of Dialogue2013/2014