Dr. Sascha Hofmann

Areas of academic interest

  • Process Management
  • Localization
  • Technical Documentation
  • Translation Technology

Project work done with students at the FTSK

SS 2016Modeling of a Translation Agency Simulator. Goal of the simulator is to let students experience all aspects of a real translation project in the classroom.
SS 2016Cooperation with the department Business Education of the University of Mainz. Localization of the scenario "Stadium Building", the fictional creation of an American Football stadium including all potential problems and difficulties.
WS 2015/16Project seminar on cognitive language processing in translation. Students examined the effects of cognates using various methods such as eye tracking, EEG and electronic text corpora.
SS 2015Research of translation processes. Students developed a process that could be used for their own translation work.
WS 2012/13
WS 2014/15
Creation of questionnaires to measure translator competence and subsequent creation of a model based on the results of the survey.
WS2013/14Two translation projects that were published in the "Handbook of Translation Studies" and "Translation Studies Abstracts."
SS 2012Creation of a model for translator competences and determination of ways to measure them.