Media Geography at Mainz

Series Founder: Anton Escher (Mainz/Germany)

Series Editors: Veronika Cummings (Mainz/Germany) | André Jansson (Karlstad/ Sweden) | Chris Lukinbeal (Tucson/USA) | Elisabeth Sommerlad (Mainz/Germany)

Managing Editor: Elisabeth Sommerlad (Mainz/Germany)


The re-launched Steiner Verlag Media Geography at Mainz Book Series emphasizes the multiple interdependence of space, place, media, and society. Media geography is a multi-faceted field of research that goes far beyond questions of representation of space and place. Publications explore the roles and functions of media in the coproduction of geographical knowledge. Proposals are accepted for monographs and edited volumes that address specific media from a geographical perspective (e.g., social media, geomedia, film, cartography, art, gaming culture), but also broader questions of media geography on a conceptual or methodological level (e.g. digitality, mediatization, media dis-entanglement), as well as the role of media for various kinds of place-making.

The series is receptive to a variety of geographic perspectives and sub-disciplines and welcomes contributions advancing contemporary discourses and debates in media geography research.




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Submitting manuscripts
Volume 1: The Geography of Cinema
Volume 2: Place, Television, and the Real Orange County
Volume 3: The Fight to Stay Put
Volume 4: Comic Book Geographies
Volume 5: Down in Treme: Race, Place, and New Orleans on Television
Volume 6: Media’s Mapping Impulse
Volume 7: Maps of the News: Journalism as a Practice of Cartography