Jonathan Greenleaf

Jonathan Greenleaf obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Cultural Anthropology and American Studies (2022) at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt. His Bachelor thesis, an ethnographic study, answers the question as to which learning effects the participation of people with disabilities in a museum tour can have. The learning effects evolve into a sustainable cycle that leads from Teilgabe (active contribution) to revealing the formatting of participation, to agency, and via the opening of new spaces of opportunity to a democratization of knowledge and thus again to new Teilgabe. This thesis will be published in early 2023.
Currently he studies human geography at the Johannes Gutenberg University as part of the English-speaking master’s program “Human Geography: Globalisation, Media and Culture”. Since November 2022, he has been working at the Institute of Geography as a student assistant. As he is still exploring the wide fields of human, cultural and media geography, his main (research) interests are in the interdisciplinary aspects of this discipline. One concept that has captured his interest presently are the forms of cultural resistance in our postmodern world. His way of thinking and researching is guided by the principle: Research with, not about. As part of the museum educational services, he also works for the Historical Museum Frankfurt and the Museum für Kommunikation in Frankfurt.