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Chris Lukinbeal is the founding Director of Geographic Information Systems Technology Programs at the University of Arizona and an Associate Professor of the School of Geography and Development. He earned his PhD in Geography from San Diego State University and University of California, Santa Barbara. Chris is a cultural geography and cartographer with research interests in landscape, media, and visual culture. Chris is a Past President of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers, one of three founding editors for the book series, Media Geography at Mainz, an Associate Editor for the American Association of Geographer’s journal Geohumanities, and a Founding Editor for Aether: The Journal of Media Geography (2007-2012). In summer term 2020 he will be GLK Guest Lecturer at the Institute of Geography and will teach a course in the MA programme “Globalisation, Media, and Culture”.

Recent publication

Books (selection)

Lukinbeal, C., L. Sharp, E. Sommerlad & A. Escher (Eds.) (2019): Media’s Mapping Impulse. Stuttgart.

Mains, S. P., J. Cupples & C. Lukinbeal (Eds.) (2015): Mediated Geographies and Geographies of Media. Dordrecht, Heidelberg, New York, London.

Fletchall, A. C. Lukinbeal & K. McHugh (Eds.) (2012). Place, Television, and the Real Orange County. Stuttgart

Lukinbeal, C. & S. Zimmermann (Eds.) (2008): The Geography of Cinema – A Cinematic World. Stuttgart.


Papers (selection)

Sharp, L. & C. Lukinbeal (29019): Imagined Cities (Cinema). In: Orum, A. (Ed.): The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Studies.

Lukinbeal, C: (2019): The Chinafication of Hollywood: Chinesefication and the self-censorship of U.S. films through a case study of Transformers ‘Age of Extinction’. In: Erdkunde 73 (2): 97-110.

Lukinbeal, C. & J. Gleich (2018): Old Tucson: Studio and location, Geography and film historiography. In: Mediapolis. A journal of cities and culture 3 (4).

Lukinbeal, C. (2018): The mapping of ‘500 days of Summer’: A processual approach to cinematic cartography. In: NECSUS, autumn 2018. Online: (27.11.2019).


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