Equal Opportunity Representatives

The Faculty of Philosophy and Philology upholds the principle of equal participation of women and men in academia and university management and has set this out in a binding agreement to support single parents as well as men and women who are the primary care-takers of their children.

In the faculty, the share of women is above average in all areas: 71% of students are female, as well as 78% of graduates, 70% of doctoral candidates and 50% of post-doctoral candidates. Among the staff, 40% of professors are female as well as 65% of academic mid-level faculty and 73% in administration and management.


You can reach us here: Gleichstellungsbeauftragte_FB05@uni-mainz.de

Equal Opportunity Representative

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anja Müller

German Department


Dr. Anna Campanile

Department of Romance Studies

Ayşe Gürel

Department of Romance Studies

Dr. Birgit Herbers

German Department

Dr. Miriam Lind

German Department
CRC 1482 "Studies in Human Categorisation"

Dr. Julia Pfahl

Institute for Film, Theatre, Media and Culture Studies

Dr. Ulrike Schneider

Department of English and Linguistics

Dr. Sonja Wengoborski

Gutenberg Institute for World Literature and Written Media