Room Management Scheduling

There are four phases of room assignment.

Phase 0

Student managers hold a preliminary meeting and clear up any major clashes.

Winter semester by the end of January
Summer semester by the end of July
Phase 1

a.) Faculty 05 must be informed by the Student Counseling Offices of all room assignments (rooms with less than 100 capacity). An Excel spreadsheet is generated for this purpose. The Student Counseling Offices are informed by email as soon as the table has been released for entry.

Winter semester by February 15
Summer semester by September 1

b.) All courses are managed by the Student Counseling Offices (LVM) in C.N.

Winter semester by March 31
Summer semester by October 15
Phase 2

1.) Assignment of centrally administered rooms through Central Services; Mr Schmahl and Ms Hahn (rooms with more than 100 capacity) – CS has separate spreadsheets for this purpose. These must be sent in to CS by March 30 in the winter semester and by 15 October 2010 for the summer semester.

Winter semester by April 30
Summer semester by November 15

2.) Negotiations for Facutly 05 (Ms. Domingo-Garrido, Ms. Michalski) with Mr. Schmal on assignment of remaining rooms.

3.) Final assignment of rooms and schedules for the rooms administered by the faculty.

Winter semester by May 31
Summer semester by December 15
Phase 3

Remaining room clearing exchange for all faculties; this is where the assignments of the remaining rooms are negotiated (direct assignment and possible alternatives)

Winter semester by June 1
Summer semester by January 15