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Academic theology has had an institutional place in the heart of Mainz for almost 1000 years. The theology faculty (department) of the electoral university was established in 1477 and soon became one of the largest theology faculties in Europe. At that time the talmudic school had long been an important part of the rich intellectual world of the Jewish communities in Mainz, Worms and Speyer in the middle ages. The diverse cultural heritage of the region, the central location, but also the attractive setting on the river Rhine has made Mainz a favorite destination of theological learning. The current structure with two separate faculties of protestant and catholic theology goes back to the (re-)establishment of the university as „Johannes Gutenberg-University“ in 1946. All theological disciplines are currently represented at our protestant faculty and are committed to these requirements and traditions, including a professorship for Jewish Studies. In addition to our full-time teaching staff, many further scholars teach and conduct research within the faculty.

You are currently visiting a space of our website which provides some basic information and contact details in English. Please visit our German website for further information and regular updates or follow the faculty activities on facebook- we look forward to seeing you!

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