Dr. Adam Martínez – Publications


Dr. Adam Martínez

Evolutionary Ecology
Institute of Organismic and Molecular Evolution



Onchuru, T. O., Martinez, A., Ingham, C. S. & Kaltenpoth, M. (2018) Transmission of mutualistic bacteria in social and gregarious insects. Current Opinion in Insect Science 28: 50-58.

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Wagner SM, Martinez AJ, Kim KL, Dehnel AC, Oliver KM, and White J. 2014. Facultative symbionts mediate host races in a polyphagous herbivore. Funcional Ecology.

Martinez AJ, Harmon JP, Oliver KM. (in prep). Specialization of both symbiont-mediated and intrinsic resistance of the pea aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum Harris) against two common parasitoids.

Martinez AJ, Oliver KM. (in prep). Additive effects of multiple types of pea aphid resistance against a parasitic wasp.

Weldon S, Martinez A, Smith E, Oliver K. (In prep). Diversity and dynamics of phage infection in an aphid defensive mutualism.


Martinez AJ, Oliver KM. 2015. Specialization of aphid defenses and potential effects on natural enemy composition. ESA North Central Branch Invited Presentation. Manhattan, Kansas.

Martinez AJ, Oliver KM. 2014. Specialization of aphid- and symbiont-based resistance against two parasitic wasps. ESA Annual Meeting PhD 10 minute papers. Portland, Oregon. (2nd place)

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