Insect symbiosis

Symbionts for pathogen defense in beewolves
Researchers: Prof. Dr. Martin Kaltenpoth, Dr. Tobias Engl, Dr. Mario Sandoval-Calderón, Chantal S. Ingham MSc

Beewolf Kokon
Multipartite microbial interactions in firebug guts
Researchers: Prof. Dr. Martin Kaltenpoth, Dr. Adam Martinez, Thomas Ogao Onchuru MSc
Defensive symbiosis in darkling beetles
Researchers: Dr. Laura Flórez, Prof. Dr. Martin Kaltenpoth, Rebekka Janke MSc, Ramya Ganesan MSc
Lagria villosa
The importance of microbial symbionts for fungiculture and sociality in ambrosia beetles
Researchers: Dr. Peter Biedermann (MPICE)
Xyleborinus saxesenii
Bacterial symbionts of stored-grain beetle pests
Researchers: Dr. Tobias Engl, Julian Kiefer MSc

Symbiont-mediated detoxification in pine weevils
Researchers: Aileen Berasategui MSc (MPICE), Prof. Dr. Martin Kaltenpoth, collaboration with Prof. Dr. Jonathan Gershenzon and Dr. Axel Schmidt at the MPICE