Opening the Doctoral Examinations Procedure

The application form for opening the doctoral examinations procedure can be downloaded in the right column. Before applying, please read the information sheet (please check the German website)

The actual doctoral examinations procedure begins with the application for admission as a doctoral candidate. Please note the following requirements for submitting your dissertation request:

Documents to be handed in with the dissertation request:

  • Four typed, bound copies of the dissertation in German (with the Faculty Council’s special permission also in English) including a title page, page numbers, an abstract, a bibliography, and the author’s CV (if the dissertation has been published in parts or before, the same number of copies have to be handed in);
  • An abstract of your dissertation of not more than one page on the form (see German website) which has been approved by the first assessor;
  • An affirmiation in lieu of an oath on the available form (see German website);
  • If applicable, certificates to verify extracurricular studies necessary for the doctoral studies as well as transcripts of record verifying state or other examinations;
  • A CV with a photograph that also includes the following information: educational background, nationality, and address;
  • A certificate of good conduct (not necessary if the applicant is in public employment at the time of applying);
  • A valid certificate of enrollment (if you are enrolled as student at JGU);
  • Evidence of paying the doctoral studies fee (in May 2016: 142,-- €). Please observe the updated "Verwendungszweck" on the Merkblatt (see German website).