Further responsibilities

Faculty Management

Financial matters and Construction Dr. Mark Bajohrs
Representatives in the Senate Prof. Dr. Edward Lemke
Prof. Dr. Eckard Thines (Dean; advisory role)
Professorial Appointment Coordinator Dr. Mark Bajohrs
Equal Opportunities Prof. Dr. Marion Silies
Deputies: Prof. Dr. Helen May-Simera; Prof. Dr. Eva Wolf
Third Party Funds  Council for Research; Head: Prof. Dr. Susanne Foitzik
Animal Welfare  Prof. Dr. Uwe Wolfrum
Elections Dr. Mark Bajohrs, (N. Grgas)
Facility Manager BioCenters Vincent Erenyi, Ersan Tokcan
IT and Computer Support Dr. Mark Bajohrs


Representatives for the degree programs:
- B. Sc. Biologie Dr. Michael Schaffeld , apl. Prof. Bernhard Lieb
- B. Sc. Molekulare Biologie Dr. Michael Schaffeld , apl. Prof. Bernhard Lieb
- B. Ed. Biologie Dr. Volker Schmitt
- M. Sc. Biologie Prof. Dr. Edward Lemke
- M. Sc. Molekulare Biotechnologie Prof. Dr. Susanne Gebhard; Prof. Dr. Ralf Heermann
- M. Sc. Microbiology Prof. Dr. Ralf Heermann; Prof. Dr. Eckhard Thines
- M. Sc. Neuroscience Prof. Dr. Martin Heine
- M. Sc. Anthropologie Prof. Dr. Joachim Burger
- M. Ed. Prof. Dr. Daniel Dreesmann
Study capacities Dr. Sylvia Siesenop; (Dr. Mark Bajohrs);
Ombudsperson for foreign students apl. Prof. Bernhard Lieb, Prof. Dr. Helen May-Simera
Erasmus matters apl. Prof. Bernhard Lieb
BaFöG matters Prof. Dr. Andreas Wachter
Representative for Teaching Center (ZfL) Prof. Dr. Daniel Dreesmann, Prof. Dr. Roland Strauß


Doctoral studies and habilitation Dr. Sylvia Siesenop; (Dr. Mark Bajohrs)
Steering Committee Transmed Prof. Dr. Helen May-Simera
Steering Committee Q+ Prof. Dr. Helen May-Simera
Twin town representatives:
- Dijon Prof. Dr. Eckard Thines, Prof. Dr. Ralf Heermann
- Palermo Prof. Dr. Ralf Heermann, Dr. Nazzareno Dominelli
- Valencia Prof. Dr. Miguel Andrade, Dr. Luis Antelo
- Zagreb apl. Prof. Dr. Holger Herlyn, Prof. Dr. Petra Beli
- Haifa Prof. Dr. Thomas Hankeln