Master of Education in Biology (M. Ed.)

The course offer of the JGU Faculty of Biology for teaching degree students of the Bachelor's and Master's programs is based on the guiding principle of core curriculum standards. Since the students taking this course will later be teachers in high-schools, they shall be enabled to teach the subject of biology in an expert and lively manner appropriate to the relevant students’ age group. To achieve this aim, the fundamental branches of biology are taught primarily in practice-oriented courses focusing on subject-specific scientific and didactic aspects.

A requirement for admission to the Master's degree program is the successful completion of undergraduate studies (B.Ed.). The Master’s degree program is divided into two academic years. The first year includes the branches of genetics and microbiology and is to provide an intensification of the knowledge of didactics in the field. The students will then use the second year for majoring in whatever module they chose to concentrate on and prepare and write their Master's theses.

General information about teacher training is provided by the JGU Teacher Training Center.