Institute of Molecular Physiology (IMP)

Managing Director: Prof. Dr. Eckhard Thines

The Institute of Molecular Physiology (imP) has its focus on the function, dynamics, and structure of biological systems from nano- to supramolecular scale. This includes interactions of proteins and nucleic acids, (epigenetic) gen regulation, genome stability, DNA repair, signal transduction, and intracellular transport processes. Member groups cooperate closely and use shared facilities for cell culture, animal and plant breeding, high-resolution light microscopy, electron microscopy, x-ray structure analysis and micro calorimetry. We use a multitude of biophysical methods to analyse protein-protein, protein- nucleic acid and protein- ligand interactions.

Research Group Research Focus Awards/Affiliation
Prof. Dr. Ralf Heermann Microbiology
Prof. Dr. Edward Lemke c/o EMBL Heidelberg Synthetic Biophysics
Jun-Prof. Dr. Helen May-Simera Ciliar Biologie
Prof. Dr. Walter Stöcker Proteolytic Networks
Prof. Dr. Eckhard Thines Biotechnology
Prof. Dr. Andreas Wachter Molecular Plant Sciences
Prof. Dr. Eva Wolf Chronobiology
Prof. Dr. Uwe Wolfrum Molecular Cell Biology


Senior Professor Research Focus
Prof. Dr. Harald Paulsen Plant Biochemistry
Prof. Dr. Gottfried Unden Microbiology and Wine Research


Further Research Teams Research Focus
AG 1 Molecular Biophysics
AG 2 Structural Biology