KoKoHs (2011-2015)

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AkaTex Academic Text Competencies Of First-Year and Advanced Teacher Trainees With Particular Reference To Their Pre-Conditions

BilWiss-Beruf Role of broad educational knowledge and the acquisition of professional competence of teacher candidates for career entry

DaZKom Professional competencies of prospective teachers (secondary schools) for German as a Second Language (GSL)

ExMo Conveying- and Assessing competencies in experimental lessons:Modelling, Validation and Development of a test instrument

HEED Higher Entrepreneurship Education Diagnostics

KOM-ING Modelling and Measurement of Competencies of Engineering Mechanics in the Training of Mechanical Engineers

KoM@ING Modeling and developing competences - integrated IRT based and qualitative studies with a focus on mathematics and its usage in engineering education

Ko-MeWP Modeling and measurement of content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge in Business and Economic Education

KomMa Structure, level and development of kindergarten teachers’ professional competencies in mathematics

KomPaed Task-related skills in educational fields of occupational activities

KomPrü - KomFäh Kompetenzorientierte Prüfung kommunikativer Fähigkeiten

KOMPARE COMPARE – Competent Argumentation with Evidences. Measurement and Modeling in Educational Sciences and Transfer from Medical Studies

KOSWO Competencies of university students in dealing with scientific primary literature

Ko-WADiS Evaluating the development of scientific literacy in teacher education

KUI teaching competencies in informatics

LeScEd Learning the Science of Education

M³K Modelling and measuring of pedagogical media competence

MoKoMasch Modeling Competencies of Mechanical Engineering Students in the Areas of Construction, Design and Production Engineering

ProfiLe-P Professional Knowledge of Physics Student Teachers

SEKO Teachers’ self-regulation as a generic aspect of professional competence: Stability and change in teacher training at the university and predictive validity

PRO-SRL Product- and process-oriented modeling and assessment of self-regulated learning competencies in tertiary education

SOSCIE Future Social Sciences Teacher´s Competencies

WiKom-SoWi WiKom-SoWi: Modeling and measurement of scientific competency in social sciences

WiWiKom Modeling and measuring competencies in business and economics among students and graduates by adapting and further developing existing American and Latin-American measuring instruments

Regional distribution of the program

To foster research throughout Germany in the area of competence assessment in higher education is one essential goal of the fundamental research program KoKoHs. In its current first stage, it involves about 220 researchers from 14 German states as well as from Austria. These researchers work at over 50 higher education institutions in around 70 single projects.

Source: ESRI