KoKoHs-Autumn Academy October 2014

The “KoKoHs-Autumn Academy” took place on October 6th through 10th 2014, at the Humboldt University of Berlin. The conference represented the possibility for outstanding international junior scientists to meet up with selected junior scientists from Germany specialized in research on the assessment of higher-education competencies. The conference aimed at strengthening the international collaboration in this field on the one hand and, on the other hand, to support young researchers by bringing together international and German scientists.

During the first two days 43 young KoKoHs-researchers participated in the conference. In a first keynote Edward Wiley focused on “Challenges of International Research on Competencies” and after the coffee break Alicia Alonso gave valuable advice on “How to Write an International paper/project proposal – from a reviewer’s perspective”. The second day started with presentations by two researchers from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) on „Developing Next-Generation Student Learning Outcomes Assessments for Higher Education Institutions in the United States” and “ETS Work Readiness Strength Assessement and Training System”. In the afternoon, the participants worked on questions concerning “’Theories and Concepts of Research on Competencies” in workshops led by Alicia Alonso and Edward Wiley.

From Wednesday to Friday the conference was addressed to a limited number of KoKoHs-researchers as well as to four pre-selected research projects in order to initiate international research projects and cooperations. Each research project was composed of at least one international and one German scientist. The young researchers gathered for in-depth discussions on their research questions, theoretical frameworks, study design, data analysis and future research plans. The experts and peer counselors assisted throughout this whole process and gave valuable input and feedback. The conference ended with the four groups presenting their week’s work – the research projects they have planned.

Besides the exchange between the junior scientist on their research projects, the conference offered the possibility to the participants to get to know each other on a more personal level and to establish new collaborations or to strengthen existing but loose contacts.

We want to thank the experts, peer counselors and all international and national participants for their inspiring contributions which made this conference a distinguished event!

For more information see also the link Program and link impressions.