Method Workshop III 2013

In the third and final method workshop of the BMBF funded research program, which took place in Berlin about 50 KoKoHs researchers participated. Referring to the last Roundtable Discussion on validity and validation, a practical workshop on validation was offered. Next to this hands-on training on validity, a course on longitudinal data analysis was offered for methodologically advanced researchers.

In the workshop on validation and validity, Dr Henning Rossa (Technical University of Dortmund) examined methodological aspects of the collection of verbal data and discussed how empirical data of cognitive processes can be collected. In group discussions, the participants then evaluated the validity of their own data.In the second part of the workshop, selected KoKoHs-projects presented their validation approaches. Under the direction of Dr. Eva Terzer (Humboldt University Berlin) different validation methods were presented and discussed.

In the workshop on longitudinal data analysis, Dr Andrea Hildebrandt (Humboldt-University Berlin) presented the analysis of longitudinal data with structural equation modeling. Using the statistics system R, structural equation models for the measurement of changes were introduced. Some of the most common classes of longitudinal data (e.g. latent state trait and latent-change models) and their fit with specific research questions were discussed. In hands-on sessions the participants analyzed and interpreted the presented models.