Method Workshop II 2012

The second method workshop of the research program „Modeling and Measuring Competencies in Higher Education (KoKoHs)” took place in Berlin on November 22nd and 23rd 2012. Following up on the first method workshop, the courses dealt with item and test construction and IRT modeling.

For the 50 participants the first day began with an introduction into the item and test construction by Alexander Roppelt (Institute for Educational Quality Improvement, IQB). Using examples of the participants, the formulation of test-items and coding instructions was theoretically and practically focused on.
On the second day, the workshop dealt with scaling and test theory. In two parallel workshops item response theory (IRT) modeling was taught. Stefan Hartmann (Humboldt University Berlin) presented basic ideas of scaling and IRT. For advanced learners, a workshop concerning the more complex IRT modeling was conducted by Alexander Robitzsch (Bundesinstitut für Bildungsforschung, Innovation & Innovation des österreichischen Schulwesens). The main focus was on the application of one-dimensional and multidimensional IRT models.

Due to the big interest in the workshops, another course dealing with IRT and scaling will take place within the framework of the second Roundtable Discussion in March 2013.