Today we welcome our new Bachelor student, Nadine, who will work on the molecular mechanism and inhibition of an oxidoreductase from the parasite T. cruzi which causes Chagas disease in South America and - thanks to climate change - maybe soon here, too. Welcome Nadine and lots of fun!

June/July 2020

We are happy to share multiple papers dealing with novel inhibitors for trypanosomal enzymes that were published together with our collaborators, the Schirmeister, Opatz and Tenzer Labs in Mainz and the Engels Lab in Würzburg! Read more here, here or here! Congratulations to everyone!


After 10 weeks of complete lab absence, we are slowly getting back into the lab. We cannot wait to finally do all the experiments we came up with during our reading/writing Corona-break!


In these unusual times, we are happy to welcome three new group members! Marta joins us as a postdoc from Heidelberg University, Frederike joins us from Frankfurt for her PhD and Pauline is finally back with us as a master student! Welcome to all of you, we are happy to have you! 🙂


Our new paper has just been published in Angewandte Chemie (Dietschreit, Wagner et al., 2020, Angewandte Chemie)! We describe the use of 19F NMR spectroscopy for the detailed analysis of an essential enzyme from African trypanosome in complex with a fluorinated inhibitor. We had previously observed that the inhibitor induces protein dimerization (Wagner et al., 2019, Angewandte Chemie). Now we combine 19F NMR spectroscopy of the bound and free inhibitor with QM/MM calculations in a fantastic collaboration with the group of Christian Ochsenfeld at LMU Munich, an approach that may be useful to study drug-protein complexes in general due to the abundance of 19F in drug-like molecules.

Read more here: Dietschreit, J.C.B., Wagner, A., Le, T.A., Klein, P., Schindelin, H., Opatz, T., Engels, B., Hellmich#, U.A., Ochsenfeld#, C. (2020) Predicting 19F NMR Chemical Shifts: A Combined Computational and Experimental Study of a Trypanosomal Oxidoreductase-Inhibitor Complex. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl., accepted DOI: 10.1002/anie.202000539 (#corresponding authors)


We won't let the corona virus let us forget that there are more diseases that need to be fought: Eric joins the ranks as a PhD student and fellow of the GRK2015 "LIfe Sciences, Life Writing". He will work on inhibitors and the molecular mechanisms of essential enzymes from the parasite causing African Sleeping Sickness and related diseases such as Chagas disease or leishmaniasis affecting millions worldwide! Welcome!


We are pleased to announce that our research will be supported by a Boehringer Ingelheim Stiftung Exploration Grant. These grants are awarded to outstanding junior researchers in Chemistry, Biology or Medicine to explore novel, exciting and and risky research avenues! We will use this opportunity to study parasitic ion channels and their human counterparts. Watch this space for news updates!


Strange times, but this has not stopped Jean to join the lab for an internship. A big hooray for theoretical projects! Welcome! 🙂

From 16.03.2020

We are currently on a SARS-CoV-2 enforced wet lab break, focussing on writing papers and theses. 

By staying at home, minimizing personal contacts and washing our hands frequently, we are doing our share to support the global efforts to fight against this pandemic.

If you need to contact us, we are all availble via our university email accounts. 

Stay safe, sane and healthy! 

To learn more about this disease, we encourage you to visit the websites of reliable souces such as the WHO, the Robert Koch Institute or the CDC.



Dhana joins us for her Bachelor thesis! Welcome and enjoy the TRP! 🙂


Meeting Time! Dania, Mai, Victor and Ute will attend the FEBS ABC Meeting in Innsbruck, Austria, supported by travel awards from FEBS, the Hans Böckler Stiftung and the GDCh. Dania and Mai will also present talks about their work - congratulations to everyone!!!


Isabell submitted her Bachelor thesis, congratulations! 🙂


Congratulations Thea for submitting your Bachelor thesis! 🙂


Our joint RCSA (research corporation for science advancement) proposal with the Charkoudian lab at Haverford College, PA, USA to kick-start a US-German collaboration has been funded! 🙂 Mai will spend two months in Pennsylvania using advanced vibrational spectroscopy on her favorite proteins before Zach from the Charkoudian lab joins us over the summer for NMR studies! Exciting times ahead with new friends!


Charlotte is awarded a TransMED PhD Fellowship! Congratulations! 🙂 






Our joint paper with the Neuweiler group (Heiby*, Goretzki* et al., 2019, Nature Commun.) on the role of methionine in the protein core of a spider silk protein on dynamics and oligomerization behavior is featured in Laborjournal !


Charlotte has been accepted to participate as a student researcher at the European Alzheimer Academy Workshop in Bertinoro, Italy! Congratulations!


Congratulations Eric for submitting your Master thesis!


Very succesful week in terms of publications - Bene's paper on the NMR assignments of a dynamically perturbed spider silk protein, our collaborative paper on novel antitrypanosomal agents (with Annika) as well as our paper on novel Zika and Dengue virus protease inhibitors (with Franzi) in collaboration with the Schirmeister group were just accepted! Congratulations to all authors!


Kerstin is awarded the Adolf Todt Preis for her outstanding Master thesis and Erika receives the Sibylle Kalkhof-Rose PhD Award at the 2019 Stiftertag of the JGU Mainz. Congratulations!!!









Julia just submitted her Master thesis! Congratulations! 🙂


What an exciting day! Sarah-Ana presents her Master thesis at the GBM Lecture and is presented with the GBM Masterpreis by the dean, Prof Schneider, and Marc submits his BSc thesis. Congratulations to both of you! And of course, at this time of the year, we are celebrating with our annual pumpkin carving event!



Ute Hellmich is awarded the Hoechst Dozentenpreis of the Aventis Foundation and the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (FCI)! Read more here and here!




Oct 2019

Sarah-Ana is awarded the GBM Masterpreis 2019 from the Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie for her outstanding MSc thesis!  Congratulations! 🙂


Welcome to our new Bachelor student Isabell! 🙂


Welcome to our new Bachelor students Julius and Thea! 🙂


A warm welcome to our new PhD student Victor who joins us from Mexico City with a DAAD-CONACYT PhD Fellowship! Good luck with everything! 🙂


Benedikt is awarded a Boehringer-Ingelheim Travel Fellowship (declined) and an EMBO Short-term Fellowship for a 3 months research stay at Groningen University! Congratulations, Bene! 🙂





Erika wins the Best Talk Award at the 6th TransMED Science day! Congratulations! 🙂


Kerstin presents a talk about the human TRPML2 ion channel at the 30th Ion Channel Meeting in Sete, France.


Our new paper demonstrating the power of combining NMR spectroscopy and PET-FCS on the folding and oligomerization of spider silk proteins has just been accepted in Nature Communications! A fantastic collaboration with the Neuweiler group in Würzburg, congratulations to Julia and Benedikt, the shared first authors of this study! Read more here or look the paper directly!


Kerstin is awarded a PhD Fellowship of the Max Planck Graduate Centre! Congratulations! 🙂





Sarah-Ana submitted her Master thesis! Congratulations! 🙂


Nina Jacobs receives the Award of the Gutenberg Lehrkolleg for her outstanding Bachelor thesis! Congratulations, well deserved! 🙂


Congratulations Eva for submitting your Bachelor thesis!


Congratulations to Ilja and Moritz for submitting your bachelor theses!


Welcome back, Charlotte from a six month research stay at UT Southwestern! Great to have you in the lab again! And welcome to our new Bachelor student Marc, hopefully you can make some of those cations stick! 🙂


Julia and Eric are off to Utrecht for the 2-week Summer School "Exploring Nature's Molecular Machines" organized by leaders in the field of structural biology! Together with their class mates they will have access to a 900 MHz NMR spectrometer, the mass spectrometers of the Netherlands Proteomics Center, a semi-automated protein crystallization facility, cell culture facilities and advanced microscopy facilities to explore how proteins form assemblies of “molecular machines” that work together to sustain the living state!


A warm welcome to Jakob, our new intern from Frankfurt University! 🙂


Franzi's and Luca's paper on autocleavage behavior of the Zika virus NS2B-NS3 serine protease essential for virus maturation has been accepted for publication in FEBS Letters! Congratulations on this very special "baby"! 🙂

Read the paper here!




Kerstin's and Annika's paper on TRPML2 is the most read on the Structure homepage! Congratulations! 🙂




Mai is at the Hessentag in Bad Hersfeld together with other PhD students from Frankfurt and Mainz to present the LOEWE-DynaMem Project to the interested public! In this highly interdisciplinary project, we are working together with colleagues from Mainz and Frankfurt University, the Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies and the Max Planck Institutes for Biophysics (Frankfurt) and Polymer Research (Mainz) to understand  membrane structure and dynamics across spatial and time scales.








A warm welcome to Nicolas, our new intern from McGill University in Montréal! We hope you enjoy your time in Germany! Bienvenue et Herzlich willkommen! 🙂


Congratulations Nina for submitting your Bachelor thesis! And of course we are very happy that you will continue this TRP with us a bit longer...  🙂


Welcome back, Caro! So good to see you again! 🙂



Our paper "Structure of the human TRPML2 ion channel extracytosolic/lumenal domain" has just been accepted for publication in Structure! Congratulations Kerstin and Annika, our lead authors on this paper! Here, we present the first high resolution view of any TRPML2 domain and provide a rational basis for pH regulation of cation flux of TRPML channels in different endolysosomal comaprtments! (read the paper here).

Find the featured article here.





Our new paper describing how you can use 19F NMR spectroscopy to answer exciting questions about (membrane) proteins was just accepted! Read more here! Congratulations to all the authors, Dania, Mai, Luca and Bene!


The 4th edition of our Interdisciplinary Symposium Mainz was a huge success! A whole day of discussing science and spending time with old and new friends! And Mai won the Best Talk Award! Congratulations!


Welcome to our new Bachelor student, Eva! Enjoy your time in the lab! 🙂


Congratulation for submitting your Diploma thesis, Caro! 🙂


Welcome to our new Bachelor students, Ilja and Moritz! Have fun! 🙂


Welcome (back), Eric for your F2 internship and Master thesis!


Welcome (back), Sarah-Ana! Have a lot of fun with your master thesis!


Welcome to Karsten, our new F2 intern! Have a lot of fun with your experiments!


Kerstin is awarded the Adolf Todt Prize for her outstanding master thesis! Congratulations, Kerstin, well done! 🙂





Our Angewandte paper is featured as a Spotlight on Science by ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)!

Link to the press release from JGU Mainz.


Welcome to our new Bachelor student Nina and welcome back, Josch, as a joint HiWi between our group and the Friedland lab!




Our new paper "Inhibitor-induced dimerization of an essential oxidoreductase from African trypanosomes" has just been accepted in Angewandte Chemie. Congratulations Annika, Erika and Daniel!  Read the paper here!






Congratulations Josch for submitting your Bachelor thesis!


A warm welcome to our new Master student Julia!  Good luck and lots of fun with your experiments! 🙂


Benedikt won the Best Poster Award at the Proteins@Interfaces Winter School! Congratulations! 🙂








Congratulations Axel for submitting your Bachelor Thesis!


Welcome new lab member Charlotte! Have fun taming those ion channels! 🙂


A warm welcome to our new intern Simon! Enjoy your time with us and good luck with your experiments!


Welcome back Kerstin for your PhD thesis and Luca for some extra months in the lab to wrap up a promising story (no pressure 😉 ) ! Good luck and lots of fun with your research! We are glad we get to keep you both for a while longer!


Luca just submitted his Master thesis! Congratulations! 🙂


Welcome to our new intern Eric! Have fun fluorinating proteins! 🙂


Greetings from Brazil where Annika and Ute are presenting their work at the Joint DFG/FAPESP Workshop on Tropical Neglected Diseases in Sao Paulo! A big thank you to our amazing Brazilian hosts for making this an unforgettable meeting!


Congratulations Kerstin for submitting your Master thesis! Good job! 🙂


Dania was awarded a travel and research grant for a three month stay at CNRS-Université Lyon from the Hans Böckler Stiftung! Congratulations, Dania! 🙂  Tu vas nous manquer! Bon voyage et bonne chance!





Erika is awarded the Science Prize and she will give the laureate lecture at the CRISPR Genome Editing Symposium here in Mainz. Congratulations! 🙂  read more here!



Big BBQ and Good-bye party for all the ones that are leaving us. 🙁

Blanca and Daniel were with us for almost a year, Tina is wrapping up her time in the lab and Dania is getting ready to go to Lyon for three months... Good luck with all your future endeavors and don't forget - we will miss you all!


Welcome to our new Bachelor student Josch in collaboration with the Friedland group! Have fun with your experiments!


Erika was awarded a Fulbright fellowship! Congratulations, Erika! 🙂 With this fellowship, she will join the group of Charlotte Sumner at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore in 2019 to learn more about TRPV4 channelopathies! We will miss you a lot but we are also excited to hear about your adventures when you come back to us!



The whole team went climbing at the Kletterwald! We had a lot of fun, even though some of us kept hanging in the trees 🙂


Our new paper "Structural basis of TRPV4 N-terminus interaction with Syndapin/PACSIN1-3 and PIP2" has just been accepted in Structure. Congratulations Bene, Nina and Erika! As a scientist, you know why the mechanosensitive ion channel TRPV4 is important every time you desparately need to run to the bathroom, because you had too much coffee. 🙂  But that's not all - read more about why ion channels matter here!






A warm welcome to Hannah, our new F2 intern!  We hope you will enjoy learning about how to produce and purify the proteins that you will inhibit in your upcoming master thesis with the Schirmeister lab! A big shoutout to interdisciplinarity, collaborations and (science) friendships! 🙂 


Congratulations Ann-Katrin on submitting your Bachelor thesis! 🙂


A warm welcome to our new Bachelor Student, Angelika! We hope you will enjoy playing with ion channels just as much as we do! 🙂


Annika and Ute are visiting the Gordon Research Conference "Drug Metabolism" in New Hampshire, USA where they are both giving a talk! (but beforehand - a short trip to Harvard University where Ute did her postdoc)

Oh yeah, and the shuttle to the meeting was in an accident (in the photo on the right, police flash lights can be seen through the front window) Nobody was hurt, just a fender bender - and we still made it with just enough time to spare for a selfie with the poster roll! Nothing can stop us from getting to The Science!


Summer is rolling and so are we! We held a Summer Roll Rolling Competition that had one clear winner - Caro! But most importantly: a big thank you to Mai for this great idea and for hosting this exciting event!













Congratulations Blanca on submitting your internship report and your bachelor thesis! We are happy you are still staying with us a bit longer! 🙂


The whole team went to the 10th BMRZ Workshop on Magnetic Resonance Techniques in Bad Homburg where Bene gave a talk about how his favorite TRP channel interacts with lipids and proteins.


Welcome to our two newest group members - Bachelor student Axel and Diploma Student Caro!


Welcome Sunshine! First BBQ of the season to officially welcome our new group members!


The Life Science Meeting Mainz, organized by PhD students for PhD students took place today. From our lab, Tina presented her work on lipid-TRP channel interactions!


After already coming with us to the Transporter Kolloquium, Mai now officially joins our group for her PhD - welcome! 🙂


Dania, Erika, Mai and Ute went to the GBM Transporter Kolloqium in Rauischholzhausen, where we got to stay in a beautiful castle and Dania gave a talk about her work!









A warm welcome to our new Bachelor student, Ann-Katrin! Have a lot of fun with your experiments! 🙂


The 3rd Interdisciplinary Symposium took place today! As always, it was great fun and featured talks from all over the university! Visiting the MAMI accelerator and A1 spectrometers was especially exciting! (Program can be found here: 3rd Interdisciplinary Symposium). From our lab, Erika presented her work on TRP channels AND she won an award for the best talk! Congratulations!

Erika and Tommy (AG May-Simera) won Best Talk Awards at the 3rd Interdisciplinary Symposium! Congratulations! 🙂








A warm welcome to our new F2 intern/Master student Kerstin! Good luck and lots of fun with all your experiments! 🙂

Helau from the Rosenmontagszug 2018!


Congratulations Pauline for submitting your BSc thesis!


Dania was awarded a FEBS Travel fellowship for the 2018 ABC Meeting in Innsbruck! Congratulations, Dania! 🙂


Our new paper "Permeating disciplines: overcoming barriers between molecular simulations and classical structure-function approaches in biological ion transport", inspired by the 2017 CECAM workshop co-organized by Ute was just accepted in BBA Biomembranes!


Congratulations Daniel for submitting your BSc thesis and welcome back to the lab as a student researcher!


Happy (very) belated Halloween! We nonetheless had great fun carving pumpkins and making soup!


Our new review "Comparison of mechanistic transport cycle models of ABC exporters" was accepted in BBA Biomembranes! Congratulations Dania!


A big welcome to our new Master student, Luca! 🙂


Wine tasting and Jazz concert with our good friends from Physics, the AK Berger!!! We had a lot of fun in this interdisciplinary mingle and getting a sense of what Mainz has to offer!


The second BioChem Symposium with talks from PhD students from Biochemistry and Biology takes place today! This event was organized by PhD students from AK Schneider and our group and features talks by Dania and Benedikt!


A warm welcome to our newest two group members - Bachelor student Pauline and Erasmus fellow Blanca from Barcelona! Have a lot of fun with your experiments! 🙂

04.10. - 07.10.2017

It's Meeting time! Erika is off to Strasbourg to learn about "Ion channels in hormonal homeostasis: TRP channels and Calcium Signalling" while the rest of the lab joins the "New Horizons in Membrane Transport and Communication Symposium" in Frankfurt, where Benedikt will give a talk about his work!


Good-bye from the lab, Franzi - we will miss you a lot!!!


Erika was awarded a TransMED PhD fellowship! Congratulations, Erika! 🙂


A warm welcome to our new Bachelor student, Daniel! Good luck and lots of fun with your experiments! 🙂


A new paper describing the development of inhibitors for thodesain and falcipain, proteases important in the parasitesTrypanosoma brucei causing African Sleeping Sickness and Plasmodium falciparum causing Malaria has just been accepted in J. Med. Chem! From our lab, Annika was involved - congratulations! This was a highly collaborrative project between multiple groups in Mainz and Heidelberg, at UCSF, at the Universities of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli and Messina, Italy, as well as Université de Sfax, Tunisia. Congratulations to everyone!


Dania was awarded a PhD fellowship of the Hans Böckler Stiftung. Congratulations, Dania! 🙂


Ute is off to the RCSA (reserach coorperation for science advancement) conference "More viewpoints - better science" which brings together the US-based Cottrell Scholars and the Germany-based Fulbright-Cottrell Scholars to discuss ideas and new approaches in research and teaching.

From left to right: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Olalla Vázquez, Dan Linzer (RCSA, Incoming President), PD Dr. Sebastian Slama, Danny Gasch (RCSA, Interim President and Chief Financial Officer), Silvia Ronco (RCSA, Senior Program Director), Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ute Hellmich.

24. - 30.6.2017

Dania, Bene and Ute are off to the Gordon Research Seminar and Conference "Mechanisms of Membrane Transport" in New England where Ute is chairing the GRS!


Congratulations Sarah for submitting your Bachelor thesis! 🙂


Welcome to our new intern Carolyn from the University of  Tennessee, Knoxville and congratulations for your DAAD-RISE fellowship! 🙂


A warm welcome to our new intern from Tübingen University, Doro! Good luck with everything! 🙂


Our new paper describing the NMR backbone assignments of the essential oxidoreductase tryparedoxin from Trypanosoma brucei in the oxidized and reduced forms as a prerequisite to test new drugs against African Sleeping Sickness has just been accepted! Congratulations Annika and Erika!


Welcome Sarah, our new intern from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma and congratulations for your DAAD-RISE fellowship! Good luck with everything and enjoy your German experience! 🙂


Welcome back Erika! 🙂 Good luck with everything!






The first jointly organized Symposium for PhD students from the biology and the biochemistry groups at the JGU took place today: BioChem 2017! From our group, Annika presented her newest results on essential proteins from the parasite Trypanosoma brucei, which causes African Sleeping Sickness!

03.04. - 05.04.2017

Ute is off to Lausanne for the CECAM (Centre Europeene de Calcul Atomique et Moleculaire) Meeting "Ion Transport from Physics to Physiology - the missing rungs in the ladder" that she co-organized with Reba Howard and Lucie Delemotte from Stockholm and Vincenzo Carnevale and Brad Rothberg from Philadelphia. The meeting brings together researchers fascinated by ion translocation across biological membranes from a broad range of disciplines, such as computational biologists and wet lab experimentalists to discuss common goals and needs as well as ways to bridge existing (communication) divides.


Ute received the Cottrell-Fulbright Award 2017! from the press release: "With its Cottrell-Fulbright Award, the German-American Fulbright Commission in Berlin offers a unique opportunity for researchers in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, and Biochemistry. It rewards outstanding teacher-scholars who are recognized by their scientific communities on both sides of the Atlantic for the quality and innovation of their research programs and their academic leadership skills." (picture: ©Fulbright-Kommission/David Ausserhofer)


Congratulations Erika for submitting your Master thesis! 🙂


The 2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium took place today! This meeting featured twelve talks by students from five Fachbereiche (FB 02, 05, 08, 09, 10), covering everything from particle physics to psychology, from molecular biology to movie science, from journalism to economics... at least as much fun as last year's symposium! From our lab, Annika presented on how to fight African Sleeping Sickness and Franzi spoke about her work towards cures for Dengue and Zika fever. 

Here you can find the full programme: 2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium_Programm




Welcome Robin, our exchange student from Middlebury College, VT, USA! Have a lot of fun in Deutschland! 😀


Welcome to the team, Marie! Good luck with everything! 🙂


Benedikt was accepted into the Max Planck Graduate Center! Congratulations, Bene! 🙂


Congratulations Valentin for submitting your Bachelor thesis!


Franzi was selected as a junior member of the Gutenberg Academy! From the website: "The Gutenberg Academy brings up to 25 of the University's best PhD students and artists together and provides them with the chance to participate in an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas at the highest intellectual level." Congratulations, Franzi! 🙂


A big welcome to our new Bachelor student, Sarah. Good luck and have fun with all your experiments! 🙂


The lab organized this year's IPB Christmas Party!

It was so much fun - thanks to all IPB members for joining us!



Christmas Party Time!


Congratulations Tina for submitting your bachelor thesis! 🙂


Happy Halloween 2016 from the Hellmich Lab!!!



Our new intern Lisa starts her "Vertiefungsmodul" for her MSc "Molekulare Biotechnologie" with us! We are happy to welcome our neighbor from Frankfurt University to Mainz!


Time for our biannual trip to watch Mainz 05 - this time defeating Darmstadt 2:1!



Welcome new BSc student Valentin! Good luck with everything!


Jenny's (AK Schneider) and Dania's review was just accepted. Congratulations!


Our paper on novel inhibitors for parasitic cysteine proteases has just been accepted!

This was a collaboration between the Schirmeister group (Pharmacy @ Uni Mainz), the Engels group in Würzburg, the Krauth-Siegel group in Heidelberg and the Gonzalez group in Castella, Spain. Congratulations to everybody!




Ute won the prize for the best talk at the Symposium for Bioorganic Chemistry in Jena! 🙂


We took our first official lab trip to Phantasialand - it was so much fun!!!


Congratulations Sarah for submitting your bachelor thesis!!!


A warm welcome to our new bachelor student, Tina!!!


Our research made it onto the cover of Der Spiegel 🙂

(and other lab impressions)

Das gefährlichste Tier der Welt













Congratulations Melanie for submitting your bachelor thesis!!! 🙂


A collaborative paper by the Schirmeister, Wich, Tenzer and Hellmich groups from Mainz and the Engels group from Würzburg has just been accepted for publication in JACS. Congratulations to everyone!





Have you filled out your brackets yet? Our current ranking after every team has played in the Eurocup 2016 once:


Erika joins the lab as a Master student - welcome and good luck with everything!

And Benedikt rejoins as a PhD student - welcome back and lots of fun and success for the ride ahead!


Congratulations Benedikt for submitting your MSc thesis!!!! 🙂


Final game of the season, Mainz vs Hertha with the AK Hellmich family and friends!























A fantastic first (of hopefully many to come) meeting took place in Mainz today! The "Fächerübergreifendes Symposium 2016" featured talks by students from five Fachbereiche (FB 02, 05, 08, 09, 10), covering everything from particle physics to psychology, from molecular biology to movie science, from journalism to economics... Overall a fantastic success! From our lab, Dania presented her work on ABC transporters and Benedikt spoke about TRP channels. 

Here you can find the full programme: Programm_Fächerübergreifendes Symposium_final

Interdisciplinary Symposium 2016


And we just heard that our adopted group member Franzi (AK Schirmeister) ALSO won the poster award at her DPhG meeting for the presentation of her work on dengue virus protease! Congratulations, Franzi! 🙂


Danias PosterprizeDania wins a poster prize at the "2016 ABC Meeting: From Multidrug Resistance to Genetic Disease"! Congratulations!!! 🙂


Congratulations Yvonne for submitting your Bachelor thesis!


It's Meeting time! Benedikt, Dania, Franzi and Andrea are on their way to the 2nd G-NMR School at the BMRZ in Frankfurt, at the end of the week Annika and Tina will go to Berlin and hear about "Cutting Edge Concepts in Molecular Pharmacology: GPCRs - G-Proteins – TRP channels" before Dania and Ute are off to Innsbruck to present their talks and a poster at the "2016 ABC Meeting: From Multidrug Resistance to Genetic Disease"!


Welcome new group members Melanie and Sarah! Good luck and lots of fun with your projects!!! 🙂


In 2016, Science = Art !?! is back with a contribution from Andrea and her BSc student Sabrina. They are currently in their Blue Period (but much happier than Picasso was):


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! We were psyched to host a Christmas party with all our past, present and future members!


Welcome new group member Annika!!! 🙂 Good luck with everything!


Science=Art continues!!! (with contributions from Yvonne and Bene)


HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the Hellmich lab!!!!!!
















Our new paper studying global and local dynamic consequences of nucleotide binding to an ABC transporter by solid-state and solution NMR is out today!






A warm welcome to our first BSc student, Yvonne! We hope that you enjoy your time with us and learn something, too. 🙂


Our first Lab Outing sent us to that most popular of all German pastimes - soccer!

Our homebase club Mainz 05 played against Hoffenheim and Mainz (rightfully) won 3:1! Good omens for the future?!? 🙂


Happy and sad news on the same day: Welcome new group member Dania! And good-bye Nina, we are sad to see you go and will miss you but wish you all the best with your new adventures!!!


The whole team visited the GDCh NMR Meeting in Darmstadt! We let old spins evolve, flipped a few new ones and had a great time learning what's new in magnetic resonance!!!!


Our lab now has their own state of the art high-field NMR spectrometer!!!!


Welcome new intern Benedikt! We really like it when chemists get that BIOchemistry is cool, too 🙂


Welcome new grad student Tina! It's probably not a coincidence that the sun is shining today! 🙂


Spotted outside the lab this morning: potential Bachelor students or just the cool kids hanging out?!?


Science = Art?!?


There are some real perks to working in a lab - sunsets and free gummibears!


We are making progress! First little experiments up and running and the place starts to look like a real lab...


The lab has officially opened! It is still very empty, but boxes are beginning to pour in...