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Matthias Schott receives ERC Consolidator Grant for innovative approach to search for axions

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Data from CERN's Large Hadron Collider could help track down the long-sought axion ...

German Research Foundation approves new research training group on the self-organization of soft matter

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DFG to sponsor a new research training group in physics and chemistry / Cooperation between Mainz University, TU Darmstadt, and the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research ...

A new approach to the hunt for dark matter

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Researchers now harnessing antimatter in their search for dark matter ...

Placing Another Piece in the Dark Matter Puzzle

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PRISMA+ and HIM scientists report the latest findings of the CASPEr research program in Science Advances ...

Physicists make one step toward using insulating antiferromagnetic materials in future computers

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Physicists at Mainz University and cooperation partners observe reading and writing of digital information with antiferromagnetic materials...

ERC funding for research into three-dimensional magnetic nanostructures

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A research consortium including experimental physicist Mathias Kläui from Mainz receives an ERC Synergy Grant with about EUR 12 million of funding...

Cesium vapor aids in the search for dark matter

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Physicists at Mainz University manage to further narrow down range of the search for dark matter...

Carl Zeiss Foundation supports the establishment of a new research center for artificial intelligence at Mainz University

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Emergent AI Center at the JGU Institute of Computer Science will bring together researchers from the fields of biology, physics, and polymer research ...

Sonia Bacca elected Fellow of the American Physical Society

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Major award for the theoretical physicist, a member of the PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence ...

Christian Smorra receives ERC Starting Grant for antimatter research

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Funding for the development of a trap for the transport of antiprotons from CERN to Mainz / Researchers expect to greatly enhance measuring accuracy ...

Researchers can now place single ions into solids

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New technique enables implantation of individual ions into crystals with an accuracy of 35 Nanometers...

Mainz University, Fermilab agree to joint appointment in support of Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment

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New appointment to strengthen international neutrino research...

Upgrade of the IceCube neutrino telescope

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First enhancement of the particle detector at the South Pole is primarily aimed at investigating neutrino oscillation ...

Ammonia emissions from agriculture can affect cloud formation over Asia

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Climate researchers solve mystery of extended aerosol layer in the atmosphere ...

Tracking down dark matter

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Physicists at Mainz University intend to detect axions using a new comagnetometer configuration ...

MiLiQuant: Putting quantum technology into practice

Collaboration of businesses and universities aims to transfer technology from the lab scale to practical industrial applications ...

Mainz University achieves excellent positions in the U-Multirank university ranking

JGU is represented in the international top group in terms of the number of research publications and patents ...

New interaction between thin film magnets discovered

Physicists of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz lay the foundations for new three-dimensional spin structures ...

German Research Foundation continues funding for research into the limits of weather forecast

DFG approves second funding period for Transregional Collaborative Research Center "Waves to Weather" (CRC/TRR 165)" ...

The power of randomization: Magnetic skyrmions for novel computer technology

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First steps towards a practical application for magnetic skyrmions ...

Astroparticle physicists observe longest half-life ever directly measured

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Detector for dark matter search provides impressive measurement results / Publication in Nature ...

Rhine-Main Universities undertake research into transport processes in the tropopause

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RMU Initiative Funding for Research to finance joint meteorology and climate science project of the Rhine-Main Universities ...

Physicists analyze the rotational dynamics of galaxies and the influence of the mass of the photon

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Could the effect of photon mass on the gaseous components in galaxies be as strong as that of dark matter? ...

New RMU project in the field of artificial intelligence and deep learning

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Rhine-Main Universities Initiative Funding for Research supports the innovative DeCoDeML network of the universities of Mainz, Darmstadt, and Frankfurt ...