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Investigations of the skyrmion Hall effect reveal surprising results

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One step further towards the application of skyrmions in spintronic devices ...

Graduate School of Excellence MAINZ awards visiting professorships 2016

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MAINZ Visiting Professorships awarded to Egbert Willem Meijer and Gen Tatara ...

Theoretical physicists in Mainz and Sao Paulo agree to cooperate in the promotion and mentoring of young researchers

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Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics signs cooperation agreement with the ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research in Brazil ...

Particle physicist William Shepherd receives prestigious Sofja Kovalevskaja Award in Berlin

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One of the most highly endowed German research awards funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation will be used to establish a junior research group to study dark matter at Mainz University ...

Physicists at Mainz University construct prototype for new component of the ATLAS detector

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Mainz-based working group constructed a prototype detector for the Small Wheel of the ATLAS muon spectrometer / Results of initial tests on the ATLAS detector are highly promising

Spectroscopy with an Extra Twist

Work on excitation of a single ion in the dark core of a vortex laser beam has been published in Nature Communications ...

First spectroscopic investigation of element nobelium

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First-time detection and characterization of excited states of nobelium atoms ...

Nature Index Ranking bestätigt Mainzer Spitzenforschung in der Physik - to be translated

The deuteron is smaller than previously thought

Just like the proton, the deuteron poses a mystery ...

International team of scientists unveils fundamental properties of spin Seebeck effect

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Direct correlation between temperature dependent generation of spin currents and atomic composition of interfaces found ...

Demonstration of room-temperature spin-orbit torque in NiMnSb

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Heusler alloy NiMnSb could prove valuable as a new material for digital information processing and storage ...

Victor Flambaum becomes new fellow at the Gutenberg Research College at Mainz University

Image link Theoretical physicist from the University of New South Wales will strengthen the field of nuclear and particle physics in Mainz ...

Nobel Prize winner Carl Wieman receives the 2016 Gutenberg Teaching Award

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Nobel laureate in Physics has distinguished himself in many ways both as an exceptional researcher and as a teacher ...

International team of scientists realizes a compact, efficient wideband source of terahertz radiation emitters

Image link Spintronics paves the way for new terahertz sources ...
Outstanding placements for Mainz University in the international CWTS Leiden Ranking 2016
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz ranks in the top group of European universities in the fields of Geosciences, Physics, and Social Sciences ...

Moviegoers' exhaled breath reveals the scene that is playing

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Every movie leaves a characteristic pattern of chemical compounds in the air ...

ERC Advanced Grant for experimental physicist Dmitry Budker

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Physicist of Mainz University receives EU funding for his search for dark matter and dark energy ...

Physicists build world’s smallest heat engine

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Innovative heat engine uses just a single electrically charged calcium atom ...

The city of Mainz is to become an international center of UCN research for five days

Image link Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz expects physicists from Germany and abroad at its workshop on the current status of ultracold neutron physics at Waldthausen Castle ...

First particles circulate in SuperKEKB accelerator

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Mainz-based physicists involved in detector construction and analysis of future experiments ...

International research team achieves controlled movement of skyrmions

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Basis for the utilization of skyrmions for application-related systems / Magnetic vortices as data storage media of the future ...