Press Releases

The presented list of press releases in English is only a selection of our German press texts. For the time being, these translated press releases focus primarily on science and research at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.


07.02.2023: First Carl Zeiss Humboldt Research Award goes to Alexej Jerschow

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Chemistry professor at New York University receives new research prize worth EUR 100,000 / Future collaboration with the team of Dmitry Budker at Mainz University...

01.02.2023: Amplified search for new forces

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Special setup uses polarized rubidium and xenon as transmitter and receiver system for exotic fields...

23.01.2023: A new model for dark matter

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Phase transition in the early universe changes strength of interaction between dark and normal matter...

06.12.2022: Long-range information transport in antiferromagnets

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Antiferromagnets are suitable for transporting spin waves over long distances...

15.11.2022: Energy-efficient computing with tiny magnetic vortices

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Unconventional computing combines Brownian computing with reservoir computing / First prototype developed...

15.11.2022: Using quantum sensor technology to improve brain tumor operations

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Quantum technology on its way into society: Joint project DiaQNOS to develop quantum sensors to improve brain tumor surgery...
04.11.2022: IceCube neutrinos give us first glimpse into the inner depths of an active galaxy

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Mainz-based scientists have been members of the IceCube consortium since 1999 ...