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Press Releases 2015
New Emmy Noether independent junior research group studies the dynamics and self-assembly of colloidal particles

Image link DFG-funded research group at Mainz University uses statistical physics and latest technologies in computer simulation to look into colloidal particles under flow ...

Indications of the origin of the Spin Seebeck effect discovered

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Thermally excited magnetic waves enable generation of electricity using insulators ...

Ultrafast terahertz spectroscopy enables the measurement of fundamental magnetotransport details

Image link Terahertz spectroscopy provides basis for advanced nanoelectronics ...

New measurement of the mass of a strange atomic nucleus achieves very high degree of precision

Image link Results obtained at the MAMI particle accelerator in Mainz should add to the understanding of the "strong force" ...

Mainz physicists provide important component for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN

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Super-fast circuit board to be used for the identification of important particle collisions comes from Mainz University ...

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz achieves good and very good placings in the latest CHE University Ranking

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Mainz University has done particularly well in criteria indicative of teaching commitment and study management ...

German Council of Science and Humanities endorses construction of Center of Fundamental Physics research building at Mainz University

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Investment volume of about EUR 61 million / Renewed recognition of the quality of research into particle and hadron physics being undertaken at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz ...

Mainz University opens Spin Phenomena Interdisciplinary Center to accelerate spin research

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New research center SPICE will bring together researchers from different disciplines to study spin-related phenomena ...

Condensed Matter physicist Mathias Kläui awarded ERC Proof of Concept Grant to develop innovative magnetic sensors for applications involving thousands of revolutions

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EU support to bridge gap between theoretical research and commercial applications ...

German and Israeli scientists initiate research program at the interface of solid state physics and quantum physics

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Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler and Ron Folman receive EUR 1.6 million in research funding as part of the German-Israeli Project Cooperation ...

American Physical Society places three Mainz-related research projects among "Top Ten Physics News Stories in 2014"

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Rosetta mission, discovery of cosmic neutrinos, and detection of element 117 listed among the ten most exciting research achievements in 2014 ...

Physicists observe motion of tiny magnetic whirls

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Skyrmions are candidates for future data storage and information processing ...

Particle physicists from Mainz University participate in JUNO neutrino experiment

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Project designed to undertake precise measurement of neutrino oscillation should provide insight into neutrino mass hierarchy ...

Mainz University presents first JGU Leadership Team Awards

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Excellent teams implement the university's management guidelines providing for efficient leadership as well as constructive and successful teamwork ...