Doctoral studies regulations

Doctoral Studies Regulations of Faculty 08 - Physikcs, Mathematics and Computer Science

The doctoral degree regulations apply to all doctoral candidates of Faculty 08 – Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science from February 18, 2014 onwards.

Doctoral Degree Regulations of Department 08 - Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science
dated December 02, 2013, inured on Feburary 18, 2014
This translation has no legal validity; it serves merely as an aid to understanding the German original. Only the regulations in German published in the Official Publications of Johannes Gutenberg University (Veröffentlichungsblatt der Johannes Gutenberg- Universität) have legal validity. Find the German version here.

Original version in German:

Promotionsordnung des Fachbereichs 08 - Physik, Mathematik und Informatik
vom 2. Dezember 2013, in Kraft getreten am 18. Februar 2014

Doctoral Studies at Max Planck Graduate Center