Research Units

Faculty 08 is involved in the following DFG Research Units

RU/FOR1898: MS-GWaves (MultiScale Dynamics of Gravity Waves)

Aim of the research unit (RU) is to gain insight into the multi-scale dynamics of internal gravity waves of the atmosphere, with respect to their spatial, temporal and spectral distribution as well as to the corresponding physical processes. This will lead to an improved representation of gravity waves in weather forecast and climate models which will increase the reliability of global weather and climate prediction. ...

RU/FOR 1493: Diamond Materials for Quantum Application

Coordinator: University Stuttgart ...

RU/FOR 1525: INUIT - Ice Nuclei research UnIT

Coordinator: Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main ...

RU/FOR 2239: New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider

Coordinator: RWTH Aachen University ...

RU/FOR 2319: Bestimmung der Neutrino-Massenhierarchie mit dem JUNO-Experiment

Coordinator: RWTH Aachen University ...

Expired Research Units


» FOR 539: Saharan Mineral Dust Experiment (SAMUM)

» FOR 559: Neue Materialien mit hoher Spinpolarisation

» FOR 635: Quantum Control and Simulation with Distributed Neutral Atom Systems

» FOR 801: Strong Correlations in Multiflavor Ultracold Quantum Gases

» FOR 896: Predictability and Dynamics of Weather Systems in the Atlantic-European Sector (PANDOWAE)