Master of Science | Computer Science with Minor in Economics

The master programme “Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Informatik” is interdisciplinary and research oriented. In addition to computer science students study economics as an additional minor subject. The study programme comprises four semesters (standard study period).

During the first two semesters students learn the fundamentals of economics (adjustment modules). The qualifications acquired during the computer science study programme are in parallel deepened (in-depth modules). In the area of specialization the students attend further lectures at the Master of Science level in computer science and economics. During the third and the fourth semester, a master seminar, a master thesis and the final exam have to be completed (final modules). The master thesis usually covers a current research task. It is co-supervised by a lecturer in computer science and a lecturer in economics. The master seminar serves as a preparation for the research task. In the final oral exam the results of the master thesis are presented and discussed.

Adjustment modules (27 CP*):

1st – 2nd Semester

• Students attend basic lectures in economics (lectures and tutorials).

In-depth modules (24 CP)

1st – 3rd Semester

• Students attend two in-depths modules consisting of a lecture, a tutorial, a seminar and a practical.

Area of Specialization (24 CP)

1st – 3rd Semester

• Attending lectures in computer science at the Master of Science level or lectures in the area “Management and Logistics” in economics.

• A minimum of 12 CP has to be achieved in “Management and Logistics”

Final modules (45 CP)

3rd – 4th Semester

• Master seminar, master thesis and final oral exam

• co-supervised by a lecturer in computer science and a lecturer in economics

*) CP = Credit Points

Please note that there are compulsory courses in German language.

Detailed informationen about the modules and courses is available in the respective examination regulations and in the module handbook. All documents are available in the Downloadcenter Informatik .