Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Computer Science is based on a well established solid theoretical foundation. In order to sustain your career over time it is of great importance to be able to continuously acquire new skills and develop itmes independently. Hence a career-qualifying course of study has to convey a solid scientific basis which generates a reference framework in which new techniques and methods are understood and reasonably implemented but also independently created. Our teaching concept combines a high proportion of courses in mathematics and theoretical computer science (approx. one third) on the one hand and an early and strong practice orientation (software internship during the first half of the study, industrial internship) on the other hand. The focus lies on software development and you may want to choose one of the thirteen application subjects.


The course of study aims to

  • Convey profound knowledge in the mathematical and theoretical basics of computer science
  • Convey science based methods of software design and its practical application and social responsibility
  • Convey knowledge of and experience with the handling of modern computer languages, software and database development environments

In this context the practical implementation of the learnt methods in real applications or applications close to reality is highly valued. Furthermore the students should acquire the following competencies:

  • Working on further issues of computer science independently
  • Developing solutions as part of a team
  • Presenting work results in a structured and comprehensible manner


Successfully studying computer science depends on the ability to develop a mathematical, formal and abstract as well as an application-related practical manner of working. A good command of the English language is indispensable as you proceed in your studies.

Experience with handling of hardware and software of computers is advantageous. You can acquire this experience in the framework of the introductory sessions . Programming skills are not a prerequisite. As computer scientists usually work in teams, it is essential to be willing and able to work in teams.

Career perspectives

Graduates of Computer Science are being recruited in nearly all areas in which computer and information technology are used. This is true for research and teaching as well as for service industries such as banks, insurance companies, industry, management consultancies and public administration.

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Degree Program and Modul Description can be found here

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