Intensive Study Programmes

TALC_me wants to provide new access to our world through the study of medieval cultures and languages. Thirteen partners from nine European countries are together developing curricula which, by allowing students to understand culture through time and space, will potentialise medievalists’ skills: this will provide our students with valuable tools for their professional development and for their ability to communicate between cultures – but also for our society in general. Our students are part of this development and should be given the opportunity to help shape it.

Multiplier Events and Closing Conference

The Multiplier Events are an opportunity for us to present and disseminate our project results to the public and encourage further discussion on competence and vocational field orientation. For this purpose, in 2017, a meeting was held at each partner university, all with different areas of focus related to topics of our project.

Porto: 18th February 2017
Santiago: 30.-31. March 2017
Palermo: 3th April 2017
Stockholm: 05th April 2017
Amsterdam: 28th April 2017
Urbino: 8th May 2017
Olomouc: 22th May 2017
Salzburg: 31th May 2017
Luxembourg: 19th June 2017
Mainz: 29.-30. June 2017