Multiplier Event Luxembourg

19.06.2017 at the University of Luxembourg

"Employable Middle Ages? Aus alten Texten für Europas Zukunft lernen"

Humanities and cultural sciences are receiving an increasing amount of attention in the (inter)national media. Discussions concerning their relevance are nothing new, yet they provide an opportunity to re-question whether or not humanities degrees have employability potential.
Literary and cultural medieval studies are certainly not degree subjects that provide straightforward career prospects. Skepticism concerning the topic of job opportunities is, for this reason, understandable and also necessary. Examples of questions are: Does the subject of the European Middle Ages offer career prospects? Are humanities graduates sufficiently “employable” in today’s high-tech, digitalized working world?
The event Employable Middle Ages? at the University of Luxembourg intends to discuss exactly these concerns. Impromptu presentations given by university policy makers (Luxembourg and Porto) and political decision- makers (EU commission) are intended to trigger a discussion and provide potential students with decision-making assistance.

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