Internal Areas

For project partners

On this page you will find the link to our sharepoint which is accessible to project members. Here you will find all the documents relevant to the project and you can upload your own files.

SharePoint for project partners


For Students

If you participate in our ISPs as a student, you can access the material database here using your login data. The database will provide you with all the documents required for preparing the individual seminar units.

Internal databse for the

1st ISP "Interkulturelle Kommunikation und symbolische Kommunikation" (2015 in Porto)

2nd ISP "Wahrnehmung des Fremden - Konstruktion des Anderen" (2016 in Palermo)

3rd ISP "Liebe und Tod. Vom Wandel menschlicher Grunderfahrungen" (2017 in Olomouc)