Multiplier Event Amsterdam

12th May 2017 at the University of Amsterdam

In the context of an event organized especially for the department of languages and literature on the topic of career prospects for students in the humanities department, the Multiplier Event of the TALC_me project will take place at the University of Amsterdam. In the morning, Prof. Elisabeth Wåghäll Nivre – a representative of Stockholm University – and Dr. Elke Huwiler – a representative of the University of Amsterdam – will present the international TALC_me Erasmus project and its most important goals and results. Three students all of whom took part in the Intensive Program held in Porto, Palermo and Olomouc will then discuss their experiences. Dr. Elisabeth Meyer and Dr. Carla Dauven-van Knippenberg will then finally present a German language and culture course that deals with potential career prospects for students and language acquisition. In a final panel discussion, lecturers and students will discuss the benefit of language, literature and culture studies in the labour market.

Speaker and panel discussion participants:

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Wåghäll Nivre
University of Stockholm, Projectpartner TALC_me

Julia Bresser, Eleonora Vaslowa und Ida Saladin,
Students of German Studies, University of Amsterdam

Dr. Elisabeth Meyer
Teacher of German Studies, University of Amsterdam

Dr. Carla Dauven van Knippenberg
Associate Professor (emr.) of German Studies, University of Amsterdam

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