Research Funding


Within the framework of the HORIZON-2020 research and innovation programme, the European Union supports the investigation of strongly interacting matter via the STRONG-2020 project, in which scientists from 36 coutries are participating.

Inportant sub-projects lead by scientists from Mainz are the Transnational Access to MAMI and the THEIA network.

CRC/SFB 443: Many-Body Structure of Strongly Interacting Systems
The joint research efforts of the Collaborative Research Center SFB 443 and the Institute for Nuclear Physics centers around the scientific exploitation of the continuous wave electron accelerator MAMI, short for Mainz Microtron.  ... 
Elementary Forces and Mathematical Foundations
How was our universe born? What is it made of? What drives its evolution? What is the underlying structure of matter? How do complex structures emerge from elementary building blocks?  ... 
Further Funding Projects
  • Research Focus "Computational Sciences in Mainz"
  • Helmholtz-Graduate School "MainS"
  • More funding projects