DFG Graduate School AccelencE

GRK 2128: AccelencE - Accelerator physics and technology for particle accelerators with energy recovery

Due to their high beam power, so-called energy recovery LINACs (ERLs) are a promising class of particle accelerators that has not yet been investigated very much. The AccelencE Graduate School aims to train young scientists in the interdisciplinary field of accelerator physics within the framework of a structured PhD program, with a special focus on ERLs. Therefore, the training will take place both at the first German ERL accelerator S-DALINAC in Darmstadt and at the high-current ERL MESA, which is currently under construction at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

The Research Training Group is funded by the German Research Foundation for a total duration of nine years (01.04.2016-31.03.2025).

More detailed information on the project structure and the scientific questions can be found on the homepage of the AccelencE Graduate School.