Public outreach

MAMI Tours

Tours of the MAMI accelerator are open to the general public. Over 1,000 people visit the facility annually.

Physics "on Wheels"

Teachers in the region can have the physics van (Physikmobil) deliver a load of hands-on physics experiments to their classes.

Projects for Pupils

As part of the Junior Campus Mainz, we offer projects in all areas of physics geared toward young people from elementary school through high school.

Physics on Stage

The lecture series Physik im Theater features talks by internationally renowned physicists. It is so well-received by the public that tickets sell out well in advance.

Science Fair

This highly successful two-day event is organized by the Mainzer Wissenschaftsallianz and is held in the center of the city. We offer a stand with relevant activities and exhibits.

Physics on Saturday

This lecture series is geared toward high school pupils has been offered for over 20 years. Five presentations are held each semester and attract several hundred participants.

Guinness World Record!

In 2017 the record for the longest magnetic ball accelerator in the world was set during a day of activities, information stands and tours of the facilities.


Many of our activities are supported through the Netzwerk Teilchenwelt program, which strives to make nuclear and hadron physics accessible to the public. JGU Mainz is one of three institutions in Germany supported by the BMBF as a part of this international network.

Practical Training for Pupils

High school pupils can complete a 1-2 week internship (work placement) to gain experience in important areas in the field of Physics.

Prospective Students

Here you will find information about studying physics at JGU, such as the physics study brochure.

Girls' Day at JGU Mainz

This is a special day designed to provide girls and young women with hands-on experience and motivate them to explore learning a trade or pursue a career in technology or science.

Open House at JGU Mainz

Our institute is actively involved in the university's annual open house during which prospective students are introduced to our facilities and programs.