DFG Graduate School Particle Detectors

GRK 2796: Particle Detectors for future Experiments – from Concept to Operation

The goal of this graduate school is to train a new generation of experimental hadron, particle and astroparticle physicists. They should distinguish themselves by being not only specialists in their own field of research, but also possess broad skills in various aspects of modern detector technologies. These are taught to the members of the graduate school by means of lectures and workshops, but also targeted "hands-on" project work.

The graduate school will run for a total duration of five years (2022-2027) by the German Research Foundation. The training of the fellows is carried out in collaboration between the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Nuclear Physics at the University of Mainz, and is supported by the infrastructure of the Cluster of Excellence PRISMA+.

For more information please visit the website of the graduate school.