General organization

For all KPH staff members there is information on topics concerning the general organization at the institute.


Registration and deregistration at the institute (english forms)

For the registration and deregistration of staff members, students, visiting scientists and interns, the Institute of Nuclear Physics has established appropriate processes. The exact procedure as well as the necessary forms can be found here.

For the registration of guests who are only at the institute for a beam time, the registration process does not have to be gone through completely. Here, only the registration with the radiation protection group is necessary, for which a simplified registration form will be provided. If the guests are scheduled to come for another beam time, the intrakey transponder may be kept until then and will only be deactivated in the meantime. Otherwise, the detouring KPH staff member must ensure that it is returned to the radiation safety grouup at the end of the beam time. Guest dosimeters remain at the Institute for Nuclear Physics in any case and must be returned to the radiation protection group.


Purchasing (forms in german)

Here you find information and form for the internal ordering procedure, like e.g.

  • the forms for the internal ordering procedure
  • the list of the persons responsible for the KPH-accounts (only budgetary funds) and internal authorized to sign for those accounts


Contact Persons

Here you can inform about the KPH internal contact persons for various topics, e.g..:


Website (forms in german)

Different topics regarding the KPH website and public outreach activities, are summerized here, like

  • internal contact persons
  • Template for the currents news contribution "finalized phD thesis" ("abgeschlossene Doktorarbeit")


MAMI tours

For all helping with MAMI tours for external visitors, the relevant documents can be found here:

  • Plan with the tour dates and contact persons
  • Introductory talk (in german)