ERC Advanced Grant for Maarten Boonekamp in collaboration with Jens Erler und Frank Maas

New physics in parity violation: From the Thomson limit to the energy frontier / Funding worth EUR 3.2 million

11 April 2024

Professor Maarten Boonekamp, Professor Frank Maas, Professor Jens Erler (photo/©: private / Sabrina Hopp)

The consortium of Professor Maarten Boonekamp from Université Paris-Saclay as spokesperson and Professor Jens Erler and Professor Frank Maas of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant for their project Zeptometry. This project aims to combine new precision measurements at the highest LHC energies at the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN with challenging new precision measurements at very low energies with the upcoming MESA accelerator in Mainz in connection with the theory interpretation of the experimental results. The funding will be dedicated to the study of interactions between the Z boson and the fermions, i.e., the quarks and leptons constituting ordinary matter, to which end the upcoming experiment P2 at the Mainz electron accelerator MESA will be crucial.

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