The next big component for MESA is installed


In order to operate the new electron accelerator MESA, an extensive technical infrastructure is required in addition to the actual accelerator components: for example, a cryogenic system based on liquid helium for cooling the superconducting accelerator units. This cryosystem was designed by the scientists and technicians of the Institute of Nuclear Physics to be recoverable, i.e. the part of the liquid helium that evaporates during the cooling process is subsequently fed back into a liquefaction plant and can thus be reused. A central component for this is the so-called sub-atmospheric compressor, which has now been successfully installed by the staff of our technical operating unit "Vacuum" together with the manufacturing company. This large compressor with a footprint of about three by six meters is used to first compress the helium vaporized in the system from a pressure of around 16 mbar back to atmospheric pressure (~1 bar) before it is then furher increased to the liquefier's working pressure of around 10 bar via another group of compressors.