Proton Radius European Network (PREN 2023) and Muonic Atom Spectroscopy Theory Initiative (µASTI)


From 26.06.23 to 30.06.23, this year's workshop of the "Proton Radius European Network" (PREN 2023) and the "Muonic Atom Spectroscopy Theory Initiative" (µASTI) took place in the premises of HIM at JGU Mainz. Over the five days, more than 50 scientists from more than a dozen countries discussed their research on the structure of nucleons and nuclei, as well as the search for New Physics, by confronting precise theory predictions with electron scattering experiments and spectroscopy of in part exotic atoms and molecules. "Overall, we had a very diverse program with many exciting discussions that motivate and inspire us to work even more closely on common issues in the future. We are already looking forward to the next event," summed up local organizers Franziska Hagelstein (Institute of Nuclear Physics) and Randolf Pohl (Institute of Physics).