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ALL students are obligated to register independently for each examination in the examination application phase (§ 11, paragraph 4 of the examination regulation). If this is not done students have NO right to write this exam, the PO does not provide for subsequent registration. If someone has passed an examination but was not registered, the note may not be entered for legal reasons. This exam must resit.
To prevent this to occur, in case of doubt, contact the staff of your study office (responsible for "module exams"), in linguistics Mrs Spahn, or the examination office (responsible for "BA exam") immediately during the examination application phase.
According to the decision of Department 05 of 18 June 2014, a two-stage plagiarism avoidance procedure will be introduced:

  • In the case of a first-time deception the exam is evaluated with not passed and the student manager is notified. The student is invited to the hearing, a file signed by the student, the teacher and the study manager is archived in the examination office after a legal instruction and destroyed after completion of the study for data protection reasons.
  • In the case of repeated deception an invitation is sent to the examination committee which, in accordance with the examination regulations, can exclude further examinations (which can possibly mean the exclusion from study in a course of study!).
  • In addition in serious cases of deception reporting to the examination committee should also be possible the first time.