Japanese Studies

Why Japanese


Nowadays the keywords 'international', 'intercultural' and 'globalisation' are a part of our everyday life. From future employees it will expected that they not only have specialist knowledge but also think about the borders of Germany and Europe away.

Objectives & possibilities

The participants of 'Japan-Studies' will be exposed to Japanese culture and Japanese language. They attain examination about country and people and acquire basic linguistic proficiency. In Japanese language courses it is informed with a beginning communicatively oriented to action. The job prospects with Japanese knowledge and Japan knowledge have turned out with the present graduates and graduates absolutely promising. We have contacts with Japanese companies in the Rhine Main area as well as an exchange programme with two Japanese partner universities in Japan (Tōkyō & Kyōto).


Demands and construction

The successful participation in the Japan studies is confirmed by a certificate.

Japanese Ilanguage courseWiSeexam (90 min)47
Japanese IIlanguage courseSuSeexam (90 min)47
Japanese III-1language courseWiSeexam (90 min)23
Japanese III-2language courseSuSeexam (90 min)23
Online-Project in Cooperation with Nagoya in Japanese III-1 or Japanese III-21
Applied Geography of Japan Ipro seminarWiSeexam (90 min)23
Applied Geography of Japan IIseminarSuSepresentation23
term paper to Applied Geography of Japan I or II
Structures of East Asian languagesexercise courseexam to this course (90 min)26
1 Book: Genki I (Lection 1-8) – approximate CEFR A1In other institutions acquired linguistic proficiency can be recognised in particular cases.

  • 2 Book: Genki I & II (Lection 9-16) – approximate  CEFR A2, JLPT max. degree 4
  • 3 Book: Genki II (Lection 17-23) – approximate  CEFR B1, JLPT degree 4-3
  • 4 Course 'Applied geography of Japan II' can visit before 'Applied geography of Japan I'.

ATTENTION: For Linguistics students only the first option is possible. "Structures of East Asian Languages" cannot count twice (it applies only to BA linguistics and not to Japan Studies Certificate). BA linguistics students must write a term paper in Applied Geography of Japan I or II.

Even if many participants of our events work straight towards the additional certificate, nevertheless, it is possibly to visit single offers without aiming the certificate. By later decision for this certificate all visited courses are considered.

You find the topical courses and course appointments per semester in Jogustine. About Jogustine a registration must also occur. Choose the desired semester and follow the following path:

Übersicht > Fachbereich 05 – Philosophie und Philologie > BA Linguistik/Allgemeine und Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft (Magister) > Sprachkurse (für Hörer aller Fachbereiche) > Projekt Japan-Studien and then announce themselves about "listener's registration".


  • The following courses of Japan studies are part of the BA linguistics: Japanese I & II as an option in module 2 or 3
  • Hence, to the acquisition of the additional certificate Japan studies still all other courses listed on top and achievements are to be produced, in addition.
  • ATTENTION: Linguistics students only have the first option. "Structures of East Asian Languages" cannot counted twice (it applies only to BA linguistics and not to Japan Studies Certificate). BA linguistics students must write a term paper in Applied Geography of Japan I or II.
  • Japan studies are open for listeners of all faculties, i.e. for all students who are enrolled into the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz.
  • In case of capacity problems in single courses which also belong to the BA  linguistics programme students of BA  linguistics have priority.
  • Instead of the course 'Structures of East Asian Languages' (restricted admission capacity for not BA Linguistics students), there are following alternatives (3 LPs too): Courses of other institutes on the subject "Japan" the second paper to the courses study of the "Applied Geography of Japan I" or study of "Applied Geography of Japan II".
  • All prospective customers of the Japan studies who are not matriculate at the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz have to sign up the possibility as an auditor to be able to take part in the courses.
  • You find out information about the registration as an auditor about the student's secretariat
The linguistics assume no liability for external sides