Apl. Prof Dr. Andrej Malchukov


Johannes Gutenberg-University
FB 05, Department of English and Linguistics
Language Typology
Kantstr. 2

D 55122 Mainz

Phone: ++49 6131 39 30710
Fax: ++ 49 6131 39 22778
E-Mail: malchuko@uni-mainz.de

Andrej Malchukov studied Germanic philology and linguistics at the university of St-Petersburg. He is affiliated with the St.-Petersburg Institute for Linguistic Research ( Russian Academy of Sciences), since 2002 as a senior researcher at the department of Altaic languages. His dissertations (‘candidate’ thesis from 1990 and ‘habilitation’ thesis from 2002) deal with the morpho-syntax of the North Tungusic Even. Apart from descriptive work on Siberian (in particular, Tungusic) languages, his main research interests lie in the domain of morpho-syntactic typology. He is a member of the St-Petersburg Typology Group. Since 2006 he has been taking part (together with Bernard Comrie and Martin Haspelmath) in a DFG funded project on the typology of ditransitive constructions based at MPI EVA, and a follow-up project on the typology of valency  classes.

Research Projects

Ditransitive constructions in the world's languages

In this project, we are studying the grammatical properties of ditransitive constructions (i.e. constructions with an agent, a recipient, and a theme argument) in a broadly comparative perspective. We are compiling a database with relevant information on about 200 languages, and we plan to publish this database as well as a monograph that presents the results of our inquiries. [more]

Valency Classes in the World's Languages

Bernard  Comrie, Martin Haspelmath, and Andrej Malchukov This is a  three-year project (2009-2012), funded by the Deutsche Forschungs­gemeinschaft,  part of the Forschergruppe "Grammatik und  Verarbeitung verbaler Argumente". It is a continuation of the project on Ditransitive  constructions (see below). [Project description]

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