Medical competences: Hamburg-Oldenburg-München


The Third Section of the Medical Exam, the oral-practical state examination after the final practice year of undergraduate medical education, is a non-structured, non-validated exam. Its design is almost entirely allocated to the medical faculties. Hence, it is hardly possible to compare the students’ medical competences between the different medical faculties by the results from this assessment. The aim of this study is the further development of a newly designed competence-based assessment format for medical students in their final year at different German universities. Students’ development of competences in different curricula at three medical faculties (Hamburg, Oldenburg, TU München) will be compared by means of this assessment. This enterprise is based on completed validations of an international project comparing medical students’ competences at the end of their final year of undergraduate training. Within the scope of the planned Federal-State initiative “Master Plan Undergraduate Medical Education 2020” it could provide an essential component for the introduction of a national, standardized, and structured clinical-practical exam with oral and practical parts based on the National Competence-Based Catalog of Learning Objectives in Medicine (NKLM) which has been passed by the Medical Faculty Association (MFT).

Aims and Research Questions

The aim of this project is the further validation of a new competence-based assessment format for undergraduate medical students in the final year of their curriculum, which has already been tested in an international context in a cooperation between Hamburg and Utrecht medical school. Students from three German medical faculties with different undergraduate medical curricula (Hamburg, Oldenburg, TU München) will be tested with respect to the development of their competences using this assessment format. If appropriate, it could replace the current Third Section of the Medical Exam, a non-structured, non-validated oral-practical exam to provide better comparison of exam results on a federal level.

Project Data and Contact

Project management:
Prof. Dr. med. Sigrid Harendza, MME (Coordinator)
Prof. Dr. med. Marina Kadmon, MME
Prof. Dr. med. Pascal Berberat, MME

Contact (Coordination):
University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf
Center for Internal Medicine III. Medical Clinic
Martinistr. 52 20246 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: +4940-7410-54167
Fax: +4940-7410-40218
E-Mail: harendza@uke.de
Time frame:
Janaury 2016 – June 2019