Completed projects at the Chair of Business and Economics Education Prof. Dr. Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia

Practical educational processes in law and teacher training and medicine using digital media (2020 – 2023)
Metaproject for research on the internationalization of vocational training (2019 – 2022)
Research and Innovation LOOP
ERASMUS+ Initiative Shaping the way Higher Education Institutions do Research and Innovation with and for Society (01/2021 – 12/2022)

RMU Förderung
Positive Learning in the Age of Information (2018 – 2020)


Assessing Subject-Specific Competencies in Teacher Education in Mathematics and Economics (planned term: 07/2020 – 06/2022)

Study Success and Opportunities for Refugees in Higher Education - An Effectiveness Analysis (01/2017 – 06/2020 )
Efficiency of company training programs
“Efficiency of company training programs – Development and empirical analysis of a model for assessing the transfer competence of staff members” (2008 – 2009)
Assessment report on behalf of the BMBF
Assessment report on behalf of the BMBF on the „Assessment of Competencies among University Students and Graduates““ (05/2009 – 07/2009)
DFG - Project
„Efficiency of educational policy reform strategies in public (vocational)-schools – Multilevel analysis based on the example of the extended autonomy of the individual School”
"E-Learning - E-Klausuren im wirtschaftspädagogischen Grundlagenstudium zur Optimierung der Lehrerfolgsdiagnostik in der Hochschullehre sowie zur Förderung von fachübergreifender Problemlösekompetenz der Studierenden" (seit 2007)
Assessing Subject-Specific Competences in Teacher Education in Mathematics and Economics (03/2016 – 05/2019)
„Transfer of self responsibility, quality management as well as teaching and learning culture at vocational schools” (01/2010 – 01/2013)
Evidence-based actions within the multilevel system of schools – requirements, processes, and effects (09/2013 – 08/2016)
Evidence-based actions within the multilevel system of schools – requirements, processes, and effects (09/2010 – 09/2013)
Pedagogical Content Knowledge of (Future) Teachers in Business and Economics
Dissertation project “Pedagogical Content Knowledge of (Future) Teachers in Business and Economics: Theoretical Modeling, Test Development, and Validation” (10/2009 – 09/2012)
Innovative Teach-Study Network in Academic Higher Education (2008 – 2012)
Scientific transfer project of the German research program „Modeling and Measuring Competencies in Higher Education – Validation and Methodological Innovations (KoKoHs)“ (10/2015 – 12/2019)
Coordination Office of the BMBF funding initiative “Modeling and measuring competencies in higher education (KoKoHs)” (2011 – 2015)
Mapping Competency Acquisition in Higher Education and its Influences (01/2020 – 12/2020)
Performance Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (PAL) Project of the DAAD-Program PAJAKO – Partnership with Japan and Korea (01/2017 – 12/2018)
"Quality Development at vocational schools in Berlin" (02/2006 – 12/2008)
Rhineland-Palatinate Project
“Successful implementation of political reform-strategies within the public (vocational) school-system in Rhineland-Palatinate”

WiWiKom II

Valid Assessment of Students’ Development of Professional Business and Economic Competencies over the Course of their Studies - A Quasi-experimental Longitudinal Study. (11/2015 – 02/2020)

Modeling and measuring competencies in business and economics among students and graduates by adapting and further developing existing American and Latin-American measuring instruments (2011-2015)
Validation of an Entrance Examination in the Study Domain of Business and Economics – A National and International Comparative Study of Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (06/2016 – 05/2019)
Test adaptation instructional skills
Feasibility study on the adaptation and use of a German test instrument to assess instructional skills of economics teachers in the USA
Training concept ARKOM
Effectiveness of an innovative training concept ARKOM on the development of the instructional skills of (prospective) training staff - An experimental study in the field of business and economics education)
Video-based assessment
Video-based assessment of (prospective) teachers´ instructional skills in business and economics