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September 2023: Note

The Troitschanskaia Chair's office will not be regularly staffed from Sept. 25 - Oct. 6. In urgent cases please contact by e-mail or the chair staff.


August 2023: Announcement presentations in September

We are pleased to present our research at the following conferences:

BMBF-Tagung „Vielfalt und Chancengerechtigkeit in Studium und Wissenschaft: bekannte Fragen – bessere Antworten – bewährte Praxisansätze“, 5. - 6. September 2023, Berlin:
Chancengerechtigkeit im Lehramtsstudium durch Digitalisierung: Ein kritischer Blick auf digitale Lehr-Lern-Interventionen und ihre Potentiale. Liederbach, N., Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, O., Reichert-Schlax, J., Frank, K., Schell, M., Dormann, C. & Brückner, S.

Jahrestagung 2023 der Sektion Berufs- und Wirtschaftspädagogik der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft (BWP), 6. - 8. September 2023, Flensburg:

Nutzung analoger Unterrichtsmaterialien durch LehramtsreferendarInnen - Analyse der Auswahlkriterien und tatsächlichen Mediennutzung. Fischer, J., Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, O., Nagel, M.-T., Martin de los Santos, L. & Maur, A.

Förderung mediendidaktischer Lehrkompetenzen durch multimediale Lehr-Lerntools – Einfluss des Studienfortschritts auf den Kompetenzerwerb. Frank, K., Reichert-Schlax, J., Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, O., Dormann, C. & Brückner, S.

Digitale Kompetenzen und Einstellungen angehender Lehrkräfte zur Nutzung digitaler Lernmedien als Ausgangslage für digitale Lehre. Liederbach, N., Reichert-Schlax, J., Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, O., Frank, K., Schell, M., Brückner, S. & Dormann, C.

Digitale Lehr-Lerntools zur Förderung handlungsnaher Kompetenzen angehender Lehrkräfte – Konzeption und Entwicklung. Schell, M., Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, O., Frank, K., Reichert-Schlax, J., Liederbach, N., Dormann, C. & Brückner, S.

Relevance and Applicability of International Vocational Education and Training (VET) Research Projects and Implications for Further Research and Practice. Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, O., Olivier, C., Toepper, M. & Liederbach, N.

Sektionstagung empirische Bildungsforschung der Arbeitsgruppe für Empirische Pädagogische Forschung (AEPF), 13. - 15. September 2023, Potsdam:

Entwicklung und Validierung eines digitalen Trainings zur Erfassung und Förderung des kritischen Umgangs mit Online-Informationen bei LehramtsreferendarInnen im Fach Wirtschaft. Kohmer, A., Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, O., Nagel, M.-T. & Fischer, J.

13. Fachtagung der Fachgruppe Arbeits-, Organisations- & Wirtschaftspsychologie der DGPs, 13. - 15.9.2023, Kassel:

Moral Stress at Work: Development and Validation of Occupational Moral Impact Scales (OMIS). Müller, A. & Dormann, C.

Joint Congress of the International Commission on Occupational Health-Work Organization (ICOH-WOPS) and Psychological Factors & Asia Pacific Academy for Psychological Factors at Work (APA-PFAW), 19. - 22. September 2023, Tokyo, Japan:

Incorporating Time in Job Stress Models, Concepts, Measures, Measurement Occasions, and Statistical Analyses. Dormann, C.

Chinese University of Hong Kong, 26. - 27. September 2023: Continuous time structural equation modelling (CTSEM). Dormann, C.


June 2023: Announcement presentations at EARLI

We are pleased to present our research from BRIDGE and TWIND at EARLI 2023, August 22-26, in Greece:

Regular media use and learning effects on the ability to critically reason with digital media
Braunheim, D. [Poster Prasentation]

Promoting Media-Didactic Skills through Multimedia Tools – Influencing Factors on Learning Success
Frank, K., Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, O., Reichert-Schlax, J., Dormann, C., & Brückner, S. [Single Paper]

Measurement and Promotion of Critical Online Reasoning Skills among Young Professionals
Martin de los Santos Kleinz, L., Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, O., Nagel, M-T. & Federiakin, D. [Single Paper]

For more information on the presentations, please see the conference program.


June 2023: Business and Economics Education

Study! But what?
What does one do in Business and Economics Education?

Franziska and Julia ask Holger about his studies in business and economics education. He tells them about the content of this exciting combination and about the many career opportunities after graduation.

You can find the podcast at the following Link (the podcast is only available in german)


June 2023: BRIDGE participation at the 102nd German Law Faculty Day

At the 102nd German Law Faculty Day on June 15-16, 2023 in Saarbrücken, the BRIDGE project was able to present current research results in the form of a handout.


May 2023: Announcement Publication

Publication of the dissertation by Dr. Andreas Maur at Springer

Maur, A. (2023). Electronic Feedback in Large University Statistics Courses. The Longitudinal Effects of Quizzes on Motivation, Emotion, and Cognition. Springer.

Abstract: Digital tools and pedagogies in public higher education are unfolding their potential by providing large groups of students with automated, continuous learning and feedback opportunities. However, most of the existing studies are cross-sectional, unidirectional and focus on a limited selection of relevant target variables and instructional features. In a field study, Andreas Maur used longitudinal latent structural equation modelling with a large sample of students to analyse the interrelations between formative feedback from electronic quizzes and different facets of the control value theory of achievement emotions. The results suggest that regular quizzes most consistently improve expectancy-value and emotional appraisals over time. These findings highlight the need to cultivate feedback systems with higher levels of sophistication, adaptability, and gamification mechanics.

Link to the e-book:


May 2023: Presentations

We are pleased to present our research at the 21st European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) Congress in Katowice, Poland:

Dormann, C. & Driver, C. (2023). Traits Out – Stress Gone?  A Random Intercept Continuous Time Meta-Analysis (RI-CoTiMA) of Workload-Burnout Relations. 21st European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology, Katowice, Poland, Mai 24 – 27, 2023.

Che Mat, N., Idris, M. A., & Dormann, C. (2023). The competing effect of within-person vs between-person of three types of job stressors on burnout. 21st European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology, Katowice, Poland, Mai 24 – 27, 2023.

Dormann, C. (2023). The future is (almost) now: Changing the world of analysing time in occupational health psychology research (Part 1 & 2) - Introduction to the Symposium. 21st European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology, Katowice, Poland, Mai 24 – 27, 2023.

Plückhahn, W., Rigotti, T., & Dormann, C. (2023). Challenging unidirectionality. A continuous time meta-analysis of short-term reciprocal effects of relational resources and negative affect. 21st European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology, Katowice, Poland, Mai 24 – 27, 2023.

Müller, A., Guthier, C. & Dormann, C. (2023). Longitudinal moderation effects of personality on reciprocal relations between burnout and illegitimate tasks. 21st European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology, Katowice, Poland, Mai 24 – 27, 2023.

For more information on the presentations, please see the conference program.


May 2023: What ist Business and Economics Education?

What I wish I had known about business and economics education as a first semester

Work in business or become a teacher - studying business and economics education keeps both career paths open. One student explains why this is not always easy. And what helped her through the exam phase.

You can find the article under the following Link. (the article is only available in german)


May 2023: Comment Publication Open Access

Reichert-Schlax, J., Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, O., Frank, K., Brückner, S., Schneider, M. & Müller, A. (2023). Development and Evaluation of Digital Learning Tools Promoting Applicable Knowledge in Economics and German Teacher Education. Education Sciences, 13(5), 481.

Abstract: Digital teaching interventions allow for tailor-made university teaching. This is especially relevant for teacher education, where applicable professional teaching knowledge needs to be promoted for later professional success. Digital teaching tools have been shown to be a promising supplement for this purpose. Even though the corresponding demands in teacher education have been increasing in recent years, the need to develop digital learning tools usable in instruction is still urgent. The TWIND project develops digital learning tools for teacher education and evaluates them in a quasi-experimental design. The present work investigates the usability and application of these newly developed tools. Sixty-three trainee teachers worked independently over four weeks with one of two digital learning tools, focusing on either ‘Multilingualism in Classrooms’ or ‘Professional Communication in Classrooms.’ This study includes a pre–post-test of pedagogical knowledge facets as well as student and instructor ratings on the digital tools. The digital learning tools led to a positive change in the respective target facets of pedagogical knowledge. The student and instructor feedback reflected positively on the usability and usefulness of the new digital tools. Based on these findings, the limitations of the study as well as implications for further research and teacher education practice have been outlined.


PDF version:


May 2023: New Research Unit Funding: Critical Online Reasoning in Higher Education (CORE)

We are pleased to announce that the new Research Unit “Critical Online Reasoning in Higher Education (CORE)” has received funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for an initial period of four years (2023 – 2027). This interdisciplinary collaborative and international research unit aims to explore online learning behaviors and the online information landscapes that students in medicine, physics, business, and social sciences use for their studies. Besides Johannes Gutenberg University, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich (LMU) and the Leibniz Institute for Human Development (DIPF), international partners from renowned North American universities including Stanford and Harvard will be participating in the research unit.

For further information, please click here.


April 2023: Announcement

Doctorate Jasmin Reichert-Schlax

Jasmin Reichert-Schlax has successfully passed the disputation in her doctoral thesis on 19.04.2023. The dissertation is entitled: "Types of academic success in economics and social sciences - An analysis of person-related conditioning factors of academic success over the course of the bachelor's degree program." We sincerely congratulate Ms. Reichert-Schlax on her outstanding doctorate.


March 2023: Announcement

Dr. Olga Diener receives the Dissertation Award of the Alfred Teves Foundation

Dr. Olga Diener receives the Dissertation Award of the Alfred Teves Foundation for the year 2022 in recognition of her excellent dissertation. The dissertation is entitled "Mediator and moderator effects of cognitive evaluation in the intraindividual demand coping process of young teachers: Qualitative approaches and quantitative multi-level analyses of event sampling data ".

Dr Olga Diener will receive her award on 16 June 2023 at the DIES Academicus of Johannes Gutenberg University.  The chairs of Business and Economics Education congratulate her warmly on this award for her work.


March 2023: Announcement

Dr. Andreas Maur receives departmental award for his dissertation

In recognition of his excellent dissertation, Dr. Andreas Maur receives the Departmental Award of Law and Economics for 2022. The dissertation is entitled „The longitudinal impact of formative quiz feedback on students’ motivational, emotional, and cognitive learning outcomes in a large statistics lecture".

In his longitudinal study, he used autoregressive structural equation models to investigate the impact of electronic feedback on motivational and emotional learning outcomes of bachelor students throughout a semester of a large statistics lecture .

Dr. Andreas Maur will receive his award on 17 November 2023 during the doctoral graduation ceremony at Johannes Gutenberg University. The chairs of Business and Economics Education congratulate him warmly on this award for his work.


February 2023: Announcement

Doctorate Miriam Toepper

Miriam Toepper has successfully passed the disputation in her doctoral thesis on 14.02.2023. The dissertation is entitled: "Assessment of critical thinking of students in the German higher education sector - validity analysis of an international adapted test". We sincerely congratulate Ms. Toepper on her outstanding doctorate.


January 2023: GLK-Funding Innovative Teaching Project

We are pleased to announce the funding of the innovative teaching project “Development of digital microlearning units to promote media (subject) didactic competence and scientific methodological competence in business education studies” (EDiMiLE; runtime 04/2023-03/2024). Under the direction of Dr. Andreas Maur, Katharina Frank and Jasmin Reichert-Schlax, the project addresses the promotion of media(subject)didactic and scientific methodological competencies of students.

More news can be found here.